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We’ll Totally Help You Look Busy Today

Ha! As if anybody still has a job where they can get away with looking busy.  As much as it sucks being unemployed, I know just as many friends with terrible stories about what this economy has done to the jobs that still exist.  If you’re facing a tyrant boss, ridiculous deadlines, the workload of five people and/or a budget cut that killed the workroom coffee, we salute you. 

Today is like a jelly doughnut filled with warm raspberry jam, if the warm raspberry jam was actually words and pictures and the doughnut was actually the blog.   Monday metaphors are the sweetest, I say.  Stay tuned for great articles about everything from holiday treats to music to holiday shopping to part 3 of our Epic Alison Interview ’10.  We just put on a fresh pot of coffee, so take a deep breath; we’ll hold your hand as you jump into your week.

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By Ophelia Payne

Editor in Chief of Persephone Magazine, Ophelia spends most of her time in front of a monitor. She writes long, rambling emails in her free time.

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