What the Mid-mandate Elections Look Like for a Non-American

You know, the USA is really proud of their democracy (I mean, you export it), but for the rest of the world it’s just a BIG joke. Actually, more like the most lousy TV show that we get to see every 2 years. Dramatic entrance, failed public interviews, backstabbing, stupid ideas and people, telegraphed speeches, funny pictures and everything else the media can think of. And we get rerun as a bonus. Isn’t this amazing?

Op Ed

Every time, I get the chance to see the Americans complain on the web to each other over the Democrat and Republican parties,there is really no other way to explain this, I feel like I’m watching  a series between two sport teams. It’s not about which party has the best idea for the country (do they have any?), which party will make the country move forward (is that possible?) or which representative is the best suited for the job (is there any?). It’s just a round of demonizing the opposition to make your team look better…slightly and try to win steal the Cup.

It usually goes like this pro-Republicans claim their team is for small government, small budgets and conservative policies, they also believe that the Democrats are the devils who only want big government and spend money. The Dems want to destroy the country apparently. While the pro-democrats bring up everything that the last republican team did wrong: make the government bigger, increased the national debts, start wars, etc. Most of the time nobody really knows who did what or why the game is in such a bad shape, because it’s more important bitching about the ex-team members and what they did wrong than knowing what is really happening or who really got the chop for the job. It’s just about my team vs yours.

The way I see it, stupid people are mostly republicans (you need to be to follow most of the party members), while people with higher intellect are democrats (or used to be). Beside the East and West coasts, the rest of the USA is known as the Dumbfuckistan now by the rest of the world (since 2004 re-election).  This is a good example of what happen when you let stupids vote, they only care about promises, because they can’t understand the consequences of their actions or anything about politics for that matter, the TV told them that X was bad for the country and that they should vote for Y and everybody knows that God is in the TV.

Ok, I’ll stop complaining about the Americans I.Q level and I talk about the actual election system. While the idea of electing representatives every 2 years is nice, especially when these representatives get to vote on laws, the ludicrous way Americans goes at it is not. Where are the 3rd parties (that don’t get jailed over stupidities)?  They don’t exist because grandma isn’t going to vote for them? Sometimes I have the feeling that another party existing, other than Democrats or Republicans, is a crime in the USA. That anything else is a stupid, not worth a dime, populist or just ignored. This is the basic form of the lie of the USA democracy. Americans are just slaves to the two party system, the perfect lie to make people believe they have a choice: here pick D or R, but ignore the rest. Americans seems to be oblivious to the rigged system. A system that make sure that D or R will continue the same old system, the one that gives the same players more power each term. The system that makes sure nobody else can enter the race, bring new blood and remove the aging mentality, so the next 20 years doesn’t look like we are walking back in time.

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“This is a good exam­ple of what hap­pen when you let stu­pids vote” Which countries require intelligence testing before they allow their citizens to vote? This would never fly in the States, if only due to the reminder of racist Jim Crowe laws.

The two party system is certainly flawed, but there are third parties. People are just convinced that to vote for one would be to throw away their vote. In order to give those parties more prominence, that mindset needs to change. Perhaps one day the god in the TV will disseminate that message.

Only two parties get a lot of funding and attention. On the ballots in my Midwestern state of Illinois, we had Greens, Libertarians, and even some Communists(write in candidates). That’s another thing, too: while the middle of our country does tend to be more conservative, there are still a lot of fairly liberal places. Iowa legalized gay marriage before a lot of states on either coast. My state has tended to be a liberal stronghold, mostly thanks to Chicago. I’m not a fan of this style of thinking, because I can’t imagine the outrage if an American writer posted something like this about anywhere else in the world. I’m not saying we’re the best, because we certainly aren’t. Our system is insanely flawed, but most of us aren’t stupid. What many Americans who vote Republican lack is empathy, and sometimes even education to know how to vote in their own interests. Call it willful ignorance, but still. Blanket generalizations about this aren’t good or fair to anyone. I guess that I’m saying is that it’s more nuanced than that, and I don’t expect people outside the US to know OMGeverything about it. But be a bit more fair.

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