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You Are the Sunshines of My Life

Which is nice on days like today when it seems like the sun isn’t coming up at all.  It’s seven AM here at Persephone, I’m getting started early because I just noticed I assigned myself like nine things to write today.  Go me! We’ll see if we get to them all, or if I bore you to tears with all me all damned day. Today is the big Alison Arngrim interview, it should be ready by this afternoon.  Along with that, I’ve got a review of Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, a handful of pioneer + 70’s recipes, a recap of my favorite LHotP episode and somewhere today my Gleecap may appear.  Meghan is also on the LH path, with a story on where the actresses who portrayed the Ingalls girls are now and looking at the original books with an older, more critical eye.  Hattie gives us all the low down on those crazy alcohol energy drinks (Have you tried one?  They taste like troll toenails and despair, with a shot of grain alcohol for spice and potential flammability.) and does a Perspectives on her fearlessness in the face of germs.  Buster Blonde is back, as well, with a hilarious piece on how 80’s TV was designed to scare the shit out of us.

Speaking of scary stuff from the past, here’s a tune from 1974, the year LHotP premiered:

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Old ladee here. I remember ONJ’s song and I watched the pilot for LHotP. I still remember young Melissa Gilbert’s interview in Young Miss magazine. There was a sweet photo of her and l’il sis, Sara practicing ballet.

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