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You Complete Me, Internet Vol. Whatever

Since these listicle posts are lazy and never as popular as I think they’ll be, they’ve been more rare.  YCMI is back for today, at least, because I have a gimmick! No, clicking through won’t give you bigger boobs, find you a date or the skin of a teenaged vampire film star, but it should be lots of fun anyway.  Links of Delight and Amazement, Old School Style

Period One, Science:  Bees unlock secrets of nature vs. nurture. From Medical Daily

Period Two, English Literature: Jane Austen fanfiction.  Do with this what you will and I won’t judge you.

Period Three, Math: Winning the World Series with Math on Science News

Period Four, Lunch: Mac and Cheese with Tomato and Bacon on Coconut & Lime

Period Five, US History: Biography, history and writing samples of Nellie Bly.

Period Six, Art: Cuban artist Dania Sierra

Period Seven, Sociology: Parodying Native Appropriation in Marketing on Sociological Images

Gossiping at your locker: Hollywood’s 10 Most Obnoxious S*%! Eating Smirks on Pajiba

Period Eight, Health: People Swallowing Things on Purpose Driving Up the Cost of Health Care, USA Today via Jezebel

Image Credit by Conspirator on Flickr

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