A Short Guide to Holiday Collectibles

Holiday Collectibles are one area where there really is something for everyone and one can really let their personality and interests shine through.  There is tacky and classy, vintage and modern.  Some people like hand-made collectibles, some like mass-market objects.  And then some people like decorative plates, but it takes all kinds I guess.

I have rummaged through the vast attic of the internet to find some of the best (read: worst) holiday collectibles, sure to delight Big Eye Picture aficionados and collectible spoon lovers alike.

Did you know that Woodland Creatures are the best way to celebrate the holiday season?  Well, they are.  I found this 58″ “Butler Bear” that I think any home needs for this season’s holiday party. Only $480!

There is a large selection of Thomas Kinkade Collectibles, they would probably be perfect for you if you have a framed “footprints in the sand” picture hanging somewhere in your home.

My favorite was a Christmas tree with a Santa head and arms and legs and Santa looks all confused, but it wouldn’t let me save the picture.

I like vintage collectibles because they are always a little scary. Like this elf.

The only collectible plate I can really get behind is this Christmas McDonald’s Plate:

There are nativity scenes for everyone, like this one featuring a Native American Jesus, Joseph and Mary if you’re not all that interested in your Nativity scenes being historically accurate.  I’m fine with that, they weren’t white either and that’s what most nativity scenes are.

If you’re interested in more modern collectibles, check out this Boba Fett, who has wrapped up a little Christmas present of Han Solo.

Does your family have any ridiculous collectibles you put out every year? Tell us in the comments!

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