Applesauce + Cinnamon= Easy Ornaments

So it’s less than a week til Christmas.

Maybe your kids are home and the entire family is climbing the walls.

Maybe you’ve got $5 left and you still needs something to round out a few gifts.

Maybe you’re Christmas tree is nekkid and as a jay bird and needs some holiday cheer.

Here’s a project that fits the bill on all counts: Applesauce Cinnamon Ornamements.

All you need is 3c cinnamon* and 3c applesauce. And a few cookie cutters. And maybe some ribbon if you want to hang your creations. A rolling pin helps. And a mixing bowl. And an appreciation of the scent of cinnamon. That’s it.

1) Mix the applesauce and cinnamon until a dough forms . If the dough is wet, add cinnamon. If the dough is dry, add applesauce (sparingly). It should be the consistency of sugar cookie dough.

2) Roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to make shapes.

3) Place cut-outs on cookie sheet or plate to dry.

4) Use a tootpick or pen to poke a hole in the cut-out for hanging purposes.

5) Turn your ornaments over to help the drying process after a few hours

6) Ornaments should be dry in 2-3 days, depending on the humidity.

7) String with ribbon and spread holiday cheer!

We’ve made these for our Christmas tree, and as gift embellishments. My two-year old was able to make them, and I’ve made batches by myself.  They smell really good, and last for a long time. They do eventually get brittle, and are slightly fragile, but they are super cheap, so I’m not sad when they break. My guess that they could be decorated with whatever kind of craft paint you have one hand (hello, adorable gingerbread people). Once we made the ornaments, I also hung the cookie cutters on our tree for some more instant holiday cheer!

*You can get cinnamon in bulk at a warehouse club or Gordon Food Service –it’s much cheaper than buying 12 little bottles.

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