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Best of 2010 – Jezebel Shit Storms (Part 1)

You can get your best music, movies and tv shows of 2010 lists somewhere else.  I know where I flourish and I am bringing you the Top 10 Jezebel Shit Storms of 2010.  This year was a banner year for the Ladyblog in terms of shit storms, and I had a lot to choose from, so let’s get started.

10. The number 10 slot goes to what my readers have been referring to as SwiftGate.  I didn’t remember this one at all from way back in February, but it was a top reader-requested submission.  In case you also don’t remember it, Tracie Margaret made a post of all of Taylor Swift’s “surprised” faces.  Lots of people thought that Taylor Swift as one of Jezebel’s favorite hate crushes was being unfairly mocked.  It started what one commenter referred to as a backlash of the “backlash” against Taylor Swift.  Over 400 comments on that thread, either saying that people are too mean to Taylor Swift or saying that people need to get over it and the post was not hateful and all in good fun.

9. Here’s one I had forgotten about: Homeless man dies in movie theater while watching Eclipse.  Time to make a Twilight joke!  I really loved this one because it was such a good example of what’s wrong with Jezebel.  There are certain topics that are too taboo to make jokes about.  But then, there are others – such as homelessness- where it’s totally fine to make light! It was also a good shit storm in that poor MorningGloria had to step in to get comments back on track, and that was pretty much a massive failure.

8. Daulerio’s Holiday Take-Overs: In my opinion there was no shit storm more annoying than Daulerio’s Holiday take-overs and the resulting fall-out.  To begin with, I find the dudebro act tiresome and worn out.  But add on top of that a bunch of women getting all outraged about the tired dudebro act, instead of just ignoring it?  Or how about the women who wanted to prove that they’re oh-so-cool so they sent the boobie pictures or made jokes to prove just they’re not feminazis.  And sooo much flouncing over in groupthink over feeling like Jezebel had been disrespectful.  I covered the July 4th takeover on STFUJ, but I was so tired of it that I refused to write about his next one.  Ugh. Just thinking about it gets me annoyed at how terrible every faction was.

7. Just Eat Lentils: Now here’s a Jezebel meme that won’t die.  For those of you wondering where the “just eat lentils” jokes come from, look no further.  I loved this because it was a the perfect shit storm of so many other so many other touchy subjects: Weight issues, poverty, classism, racism, people fighting against all of the above.  The comments on this article really brought out the smugness and ignorance in spades.  Also, it was personally offensive to me because I love lentils and now it’s my secret shame.

6. I will ban you if you call me racist – This one would have been higher on the list if not for some more recent shitstorms.  In this one, Tracie comes in to groupthink to let people know she’s not racist and to prove that she’s not racist, her boss used to be black.  Oh man, nothing good was ever going to come out of her saying that.  It was so delicious to read.  Oh also? The conversation that provoked Tracie coming in to groupthink was actually about a post Tracie did about all the e-mails she gets calling her fat. You can check out the (900! Jesus christ people!) comments in that post if you haven’t seen enough sycophants today.

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That was a beautifully awful walk down memory lane. Now every time that I open a bag of lentils, my brain goes to that horrific Whole Foods post. Thanks, Jezebel–you’ve ruined the lentils.

Those lentil article comments were something else. Reading through them made me wonder why they did away with disemvoweling. It was fun being able to decode the bad comments – and the disemvoweled comments were almost always hateful, sexist, or creatively egregious – instead of dissenting voices simply getting whisked away to hastag no-man’s-land. Maybe it was too much work for the moderators?

It was Margaret Hartmann who penned the Taylor Swift post, not Tracie. I despise Tracie, but I think it’s awfully lazy writing to not even pay attention to the byline on the post you’re referencing.

The Taylor Swift acting surprised video was made by Rich, not Tracie…considering how other media outlets have been stealing a lot of his supercuts recently without giving him credit, I feel that it’s an important distinction to make.

hahahaha, reading this brings back so many wonderful memories! I will ban you if you call me racist was my favorite of all of these, in a very vicarious-thrill-at-all-these-people-fighting type of way. Seriously, the gloves were totally off in that one, and all the brown-nosers hoping to get starred by commenting, “But you’re not fat Tracie and I loooooooove youuuuu” were the best. ever.

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