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Best of 2010 – Jezebel Shitstorms (Part 2)

Here it is! Your top 5 LadyBlog shitstorms of 2010.  Did your favorite scandal and commenting brouhaha make the list?  I will give you a spoiler alert right now, there were so many good ones to choose from that I didn’t even have to use the great Gawker hack, since it wasn’t site specific.  That’s a lot of amazing shitstorms, people!

So, counting down we have…

Number 5:

5.     Tavi as guest writer/the BET blowup ““ When they brought Tavi on to guest blog for a week, there was a lot of grumbling about it to begin with.  Usually the divisive issues on Jezebel are the ones that are divisive everywhere: hot button issues dealing with sexism, rape culture, health, etc.  But on Jezebel, ANYTHING can be divisive ““ including whether a 14 year old too-cool-for-school fashion blogger should be writing for a website aimed (ostensibly) at adult women.  The tension was brewing and the environment was ripe for people to find something to be angry about.  So when Tavi glibly wrote that she didn’t know or care what BET was, the shit was already primed to hit the fan.   Accusations of racism and immaturity? Defenses of immaturity? Criticisms of Tavi’s writing?  This shitstorm had it all.

4. Diagnosing the Real Housewives ““ When I accept my award for minor internet fame the Diagnosing Real Housewives series will be at the top of my Thank You list.  After all, without that, I never would have gotten outraged enough to create my own (fake, but possibly accurate) diagnoses of the editors who thought that stigmatizing mental health is “just for laughs.” And STFU Jezzies would never have become the site that it is today.  Thanks, ladies, for all the ableism you bring to the table. No, really. I have to give credit to the Jez readers though…the first diagnosing RH post had 26,000 views and the last one had 10,000.  That’s still a high number, but it might be a first and last in Jez history of people actually being able to ignore a baiting post.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it! Assholes.

3. Duke Fuck List – If Jezebel commenters made one of those clouds of most-used words like all my facebook friends are doing, I think slutshaming and bodysnarking would be some of the biggest.  This shit storm would be one of the major feeders of those words.  The slutshaming accusations were directed towards those who thought that maybe making a powerpoint of everyone you had sex with to be a little much.  The bodysnarking accusations are about the fuck list details that one of the guys had a small penis.  Ugh then there was even more stuff about what if the genders were reversed we wouldn’t be glorifying it.  Blech. How long was that thing on the top of the page? Like 14 years?  I got tired of it loooong before I stopped getting submissions about it.  I’m getting annoyed just thinking about all of the different opinions that people just HAD to share all over the comments – 2,273 comments on the first post about it.  I don’t even know if that includes the oppositional ones that got moved to complaints. (You got slutshaming in my bodysnark! No! You got bodysnark in my slutshaming! Hey, wait! This tastes delicious! ~ed)

2. Carol Channing “thinks she’s black”/MizJenkins got banned – One of the biggest google searches that leads people to STFU Jezzies is from people searching for something along the lines of “MizJenkins banned.”  I still get referrals from that even though this particular shitstorm happened back at the end of July.  Why?  Because homages to MizJ abound in screennames on the LadyBlog and new people want to know WTF this lady did.  The thing is, I think most of us have forgotten the silly post that lead to the banning in the first place.  People will joke that it was because MizJ spelled Tracie’s name incorrectly, but that was really just the straw the broke the camel’s back.  I say the post was silly because it was a dumb mockery of Carol Channing who said her father was black and passed as white.  This shit storm also lead to the hilarious hacking of Jezbel’s wiki page, which an anonymous reader of STFU Jezzies kindly submitted a screencap of.

1. Aaaannndddd the number one shitstorm of 2010 goes toooo…….Edward Pasteck!! Underlying a lot of the shitstorms this year was Jessica Coen replacing Anna Holmes as EIC.  There is a LOT of discontent regarding the way she runs the site…and for my money there is no better example of why people are unhappy than this post.  In case you can’t remember back three weeks, Jezebel decided to run this ill-informed, poorly written, misogynistic post by some douche bag who is too much of a weiner to use his real name.  The premise of the post was basically, “hey laaadies, relaaax! Sexual harassment is a compliment! And what is consent, really, besides a mood-killer??”  Blech.  They ran this with no context or introduction and then were like “peace out! It’s Thanksgiving tiiimmmee!!” Cue shitstorm.  People wondering why the hell this was even posted and what purpose it was supposed to serve.  People questioning what is going on with Jezebel that they would post a missive promoting rape culture.  Rage abounded.  A lot of Farewell Cruel Jezebel posts over in groupthink.  I’m not going to bother to post Jessica’s apology, but I will sum it up: “I’m sorry that YOU were offended.”  She also insisted that the post wasn’t page-view baiting, to which I reply: bwahahahaha.  If you are suffering from low blood pressure today, I recommend taking a stroll down rage-inducing memory lane if you want to check out the comments from people saying “You know, this Pasteck guy? He’s all right. He’s kind of got a point!”

Ahhh it has been some year on the LadyBlog.  I had so many also-rans that I could have easily done a Top 20 shit storms and STILL not have included everyone’s personal favorite commenting melees.  Thanks for taking this journey with me all and remember: just because you have a site bookmarked doesn’t mean you HAVE to visit it, and you can always walk away from that computer!

XOXO, STFU Jezzies

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This is hilarious. I diligently posted on Jezebel for years and was eventually starred by Gawker’s lawyer for laughing that he uses “Sent from my iPhone” in his sig on legal emails. No idea. No, no idea why that got me a star, but I’ve had some Tracie/Sadie anger expressed in my day, I guess I just kept it enough below the fold.

But that MizJez thing…JESUS. I had no idea. What a sad day for womanity when a women’s blog can’t even handle a reasonable conversation about women’s racial identities.

Whoo! I got “scalped” on #4–lost my star because I came in late and agreed with a commenter who posted problems of that “I’m not a professional but here’s my arm chair diagnosis” blog. I literally posted, “I am not a professional but have problems with this blog”. BAM I was faded and grayed.

Worked my butt off to earn back my shiny shiny. Thanks Hortense. It was a long comment about Twihards that got my glittery again.

And that’s when my Jez avatar made it into the files of STFU Jezzies, being on that list of the 8 who were scalped due to housewife mental illness.

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