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Daily Goodie: Holiday Enthusiasm

I secretly love folks who go all out with holiday decorations.  It takes a certain amount of optimism and good cheer to go the whole nine yards with the lights and the snowmen and the giant inflatable characters.  Today’s daily goodie is an example of holiday enthusiasm at it’s finest.

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By Ophelia Payne

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3 replies on “Daily Goodie: Holiday Enthusiasm”

I adore Christmas decorations. I don’t care that it’s not my holiday, they’re so fun and bright and make me so cheerful. When I was a kid we’d always drive around our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods to look at all the lights. :)

I’m not sure if he still does it, but Paul Tudor Jones, the wealthy financier, puts on a holiday light show at his Greenwich, CT estate. His property is in one of the gated communities I believe and the local cops tell you what radio station to tune to for musical accompaniment. It’s one of the rare times the peasants are allowed past the gates.

I have nicknames for certain decorations–dislike and creeped out by Satanic/Devil red lights, prefer the multi colored small bulbs of “candy lights, the big orange bulbs are “UFO landing strip” lights, and the strings of conservative white/clear lights are “Martha Stewarts”.

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