For Those About to Road Trip, We Salute You

Last week I told you all that I would be doing a weekly post on kids’ books and now, for my second installment, I’m already changing things up.  We’ll be talking about music instead.  I figure, with so many families gearing up for holiday road trips, this might be more useful.  A decent, kid-friendly playlist can mean the difference between having a fun family drive and having your brain leak out your ears.

I had the pleasure of having Sirius radio in my car for a while this year and, thanks to Kids Place Live, I discovered that music for kids has come a long way.  We don’t have to settle for saccharine, repetitive songs that sound like they are sung by crazed christmas elves or patronizing jerks.  There are good musicians out there, singing good songs.  You don’t have to suffer anymore.

Here’s my favorite playlist.  My whole family likes it – the five-year-old, the teenagers (though they don’t admit it outside the car) and even Dad.  I realize that my taste in music won’t be the same as everyone else’s, but this playlist has a pretty wide range and it should at least give you a place to start.

(Song, Artist, Album)

“The Window” by Trout Fishing in America, Family Music Party

“No Nothing” by Randy Kaplan, Loquat Rooftop

“Shampoo Me” by Randy Kaplan, Five Cent Piece

“What Kind of Cat Are You?” by Billy Jonas, What Kind of Cat Are You?

“Jenny Jenkins” by Lisa Loeb, Jenny Jenkins – Single

“Clap Your Hands” by Joe McDermott, Above the Crowd: Songs from the Show

“You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” by Dan Zanes, 76 Trombones

“Edna the Elephant” by Seth Decker & the Missing Piece, Intergalactic Tour

“Purple Tiki” by Captain Bogg & Salty, Emphatical Piratical

“A Cookie As Big As My Head” by Lunch Money, Dizzy

“Music Everywhere” by Dirty Sock Funtime Band, Jack’s Big Music Show – Season 1

“Today Is Gonna Be a Great Day” by Bowling For Soup, Phineas and Ferb soundtrack

“Hope My Mama Says YES!” by AudraRox, I Can Do It By Myself

“Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone” by Caspar Babypants, More Please!

“Momisms” by Anita Renfroe, Total Momsense – Single

I am also partial to Sugar Beats, Imagination Movers and The Backyardigans.

Another trend is for ‘grown-up’ bands to do kids albums.  They Might Be Giants has quite a few now, although Flood is still everybody’s favorite, Barenaked Ladies has one, and For The Kids is a compilation with everyone from Sarah McLachlan to Tom Waits.  Or you can go the other way with the “Rockabye Baby!” series that does lullaby renditions of bands like Radiohead.  Just remember, there’s more to kids music than Dora and Disney and there’s no sense in showing up at Grandma’s house already wanting to scream.

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