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LadyGiftguide: Gifts for the Science Geeks in Your Life

Christmas shopping is pretty much the bane of my existence. Most gift guides in magazines and on websites are terribly unimaginative – they say “For Your Sister” and have a bunch of nondescript beaded necklaces and scented candles, for example. All of which would be lovely gifts, of course, but sometimes you want something that better reflects the recipient’s interests. In the spirit of giving thoughtful, interesting presents, I’ve rounded up some items that will make the people in your life happy, so that your holiday shopping might go more smoothly than mine. Today, we’re looking at gifts for the science geeks.

First up:

surlyramics’ handcrafted ceramic pendant featuring Darwin’s Tree of Life. I should probably admit to my bias here, because I own one of these pendants in blue and it’s my favorite thing ever. If you have an anthropologist, an evolutionary biologist, or a subscriber to Smithsonian Magazine on your list, they will probably love this.

More science-y jewelry goodness on Etsy: allow me to point you to dopamine molecule earrings by seller molecularmuse, and for the mathematicians, a cuff bracelet etched with the value of PiĀ from seller KarlaWheelerDesign.

For someone who would love something more hands-on, give them the gift of being able to determine their own blood type, or to examine pretty much anything with their own pocket microscope, or have a working fucking magnetic accelerator cannon on their desk. Groovy, right?

If you have smart kid who loves to color on your list, these chemistry-themed crayon wrappers from QueInteresante are quirky and so dorky, in the best way possible.

Show your love for the Curies with this Kate Beaton t-shirt, or celebrate the biology behind reproduction with this Sex Science shirt from Etsy seller nonfictiontees.

Finally, and I realize that this is not strictly science but science fiction, these fucking C-3PO and R2-D2 USB flash drives are just awesome. They’re totally on my list of things to buy. Nobody has to know that it’s a gift from me to me.

I hope you found some inspiration here. I encourage you to poke around the linked stores a bit, because there are plenty more dorky little treasures to be found there. Happy shopping, and stay tuned for more gift guides all this week!

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