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Goodie Collection: Lovely Dollies

We’re only posting until 3:30 today, and tomorrow we’re outta here at 1, but we still have two more daily goodies lined up for you this week.  Today, in honor of Santa gluing the last tiny eyelashes on all the dolls he’s about to deliver, I found some great pictures of dolls on Flickr.

Russian matryoshka dolls Image credit

Adorable handsewn baby-safe dolls on Flickr,  Image Credit

Detailed Asian ball-jointed doll with serious attitude, badass style on Flickr, Image Credit.  See block quote below photo for accompanying text.

The Doll Affair Event

Ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) or Asian Ball-jointed Dolls (ABJDs) are realistically proportioned dolls, usually manufactured in east Asian countries (for example in South Korea, Japan and China). These dolls are fully articulated with ball joints at the appropriate locations on their bodies. These dolls are fully poseable and customizable, with removable wigs, eyes, hands, feet and heads. Millions of variations are available. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories are also available. Ball-jointed dolls follow a traditional Asian view in their aesthetics. The designs are diverse and range from anime-inspired to the hyper-realistic. Many owners assign their dolls to a certain personalized character, and they are sometimes used as subjects of artistic works, such as photography. Photo stories are popular on doll web forums.

Rajasthan dolls from Jaipur, India, on Flickr, Image Credit

A super expressive German doll. Image Credit from Flickr

This images are all shared under a Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.o license

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