I Think, therefore, iPad?

We here at Sally J headquarters love technology. Mr. Sally J and I tote laptops to Thanksgiving dinner. Our kids navigate our iPhones better than some adults. I don’t know how we got this way, but somehow we did. So of course it was only a matter of time until we got an iPad.
We’ve had this little tablet of wonder for about a week now. Technically, it’s Mr. Sally J’s, but he’s pretty good at sharing.
First impression: It’s a giant iPhone. It’s got a similar screen, same one button on the front, even the same USB/power cord and on-button location. The keyboard is the same, and the autocorrect for the keyboard is the same ( oh joy). You get apps the same way, the icons are the same, you use the touch screen the same way.
So, why own a giant iPhone? Because it’s a giant iPhone. You can use more than your thumbs to type ( although it’s not exactly like a regular keyboard’ and it does take some practice), it’s display is amazing and how fun is a giant touchscreen???  For Internet users who do a lot of reading and clicking, this could be the perfect mobile device. At just over 3lbs, it’s lightweight and is smaller than most magazines. It has a good battery life and full Internet capabilities. For writers, however, I think it would take a bit to get used to the alternate sized keyboard, and for a good long while typing speed and accuracy would be greatly compromised ( And the autocorrect. Always with the autocorrect. Damn you, autocorrect.).
Mr. Sally J has enjoyed pulling all kinds of classic kids books up on the reader, and our daughter loves to turn the page as they read ( it’s pretty cool). movies are beautiful to view, and touching everything instead of clicking is kind of fun ( though not recommended when also eating Cheetos).
Does anyone need an iPad.? It’s hard to say. It got my friend’s 80 yr old mom on Facebook. For Internet readers, viewers and clockers, it gets the job done and totes easily. For writing longer blog posts? It kind of cramps the fingers……

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