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It’s Friday Night and We’re Out!

Thanks to all the readers and writers who make this place so much fun to run on the hamster wheel under.  We’re calling it quits a little early today, but feel free to poke around and read any articles you might have missed this week, or go digging through the archives if you’re new to our little corner of the web.  There’s lots of good stuff here.   We’re going to be running on a short schedule next week; from 9-4 on Monday through Thursday and from 9-1 on Friday.   The following week will be similar, with a late start on Monday and an early finish on Friday.  The first week of 2011 we’ll be back up to the regular 14-16 posts per day.    Have a great weekend, we’ll see you next week!

By Ophelia Payne

Editor in Chief of Persephone Magazine, Ophelia spends most of her time in front of a monitor. She writes long, rambling emails in her free time.

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