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Kardashian Christmas Photos Through The Ages–Starring Leather + Hair!

TheĀ  2010 Kardashian Christmas photo was released this week, and it features America’s favorite family (if the Obamas want to compete, they better get Malia and Sasha modeling contracts, stat!) in a pose that combines Addams Family gloominess with Boardwalk Empire-style gangster-cred (little Mason is in a pinstriped suit for crying over easy) with what I can only assume is a hefty dose of Photoshop’s airbrushing tool. Plus, Scott Disick has never looked so orange nor so American Psycho-esque. Go look at the photo if you must, but I can’t promise your eyes won’t bleed.

So let us return to happier times, when the K-clan were allowed to crack smiles and wear dresses that covered all parts of their busoms, even side-boob.

Can you believe the adorability? Also, the normal-kids plaid dresses and headbands?
I love that Kim is all posey-posey while poor Rob is screaming in misery.
Apparently making male toddlers wear pinstriped suits is not a new thing. Kris probably keeps a calendar and is like, "Hmm, ok, so it's 2010....tell Khloe to get pregnant in 2018....and then in 2020 the Pinstripe Suit will rise again!!"
Look, Kids! Raphael is bringing your presents this year! Kowabunga! P.S. Nice lanyards, ladies!
This pictures almost made me bust a gut laughing. Are they all supposed to be worshiping Santa?? Again, Kim is being uber-posey. Also, ugh, those ties...

I could only love this more if it were part of a diptych, with them lining the kids up on the stairs Brady-Bunch style in the second shot.
There are just no words.
I really don't understand why Santa is in this, but at least they aren't worshiping him this time. Also, does this remind anyone else of the all-white Modern Family portrait?

You can see more pictures on Kim Kardashian’s website, plus the worshiping-Santa one at (No, I’d never heard of it either).

One reply on “Kardashian Christmas Photos Through The Ages–Starring Leather + Hair!”

They are so bizarre that whole clan. And it must be weird to receive celebrity holiday cards because you can measure the cosmetic procedures from the previous year.

The one constant? Bruce’s middle-part feathered do, just adjusted the back and side lengths. I remember him from his first marriage when he was a true Olympic hero. Anyone else watched “Can’t Stop the Music” besides me? I cannot unsee that odd collection of C List celebrities–70’s sex kitten Valerie Perrine, Steve Guttenberg, and the Village People all directed by Nancy Walker (AKA Ida Morgenstern, Rhoda’s mom). Somebody purge my memory cells.

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