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LadyGiftguides: For the Globetrotter

Oh, travel. Whether they live for it or they’re forced to do it for work, it’s likely that someone on your list is either a frequent traveler or would be if they had the means. Here you will find a roundup of items that will either serve the traveler well or indulge the would-be traveler’s wanderlust.
I was not a sailor in a past life. I’m notoriously awful at navigation. That’s why I love this Personal GPS Tracker. It may not be pretty, but damn would it be useful for anybody who, like me, sucks at finding their way anywhere, but loves to travel to new places. More old-school and more attractive is this compass ring from riquelle, for people who would prefer to get their bearings the old-fashioned way.
Does anybody on your list have that problem of having a black luggage bag which inevitably ends up on the carousel in a sea of similarly-sized black bags? They can set their bags apart with colorful¬†quotable luggage tags. I love all of the passport holders by Etsy seller GracieDesigns, especially this blue airplane design. You can pick up a travel sewing kit pretty much anywhere, but none will be as adorably and cleverly packaged as this one. If you’re shopping for Sandra Lee, or someone similarly fond of cocktails, spring for this Mini Travel Bar kit,¬†and it will be well-loved.
Travelers and wannabe travelers alike will appreciate this beautiful travel journal or this lovely gemstone paperweight globe, which are both useful and attractive when sitting on a desk. This set of postcards from MoMA are great for travelers, art lovers, or both.
Be sure to take a look through all of the amazing maps, fanciful and realistic alike, on Etsy. For map lovers who lack wall space, map pendants are popular on Etsy. You can usually message the seller for a custom pendant featuring a place special to your intended recipient.
Bon voyage!

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LOL Sandra loves her cocktails. What about packable extra bags? Got any good recommendations? You know, the kind that can fold easily, but unfold and hold heavy shopping and souvenir items.

Good umbrella is a must. Tumi is great. Worth the investment.

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