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LadyGiftguides: For Would-Be Hogwarts Students and Fangbangers

I’m convinced that my Hogwarts letter just got lost in the mail. My best friend is waiting for the Great Revelation, in which vampires come out of the coffin. We’re hardly unique in our pop-culture obsessions. Fortunately for us, and for the people shopping for us, there is no dearth of merchandise themed around the supernatural.

Let’s start with the Hogwarts students, shall we? Whether your recipient expects to be sorted into Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw, siampatches has iron-on patches to display his or her House loyalty. Any Hogwarts student would be well-served with their own Marauder’s Map, and an owl is necessary, of course. They’ll have to make a stop at Ollivander’s, but until their wand picks them, they can get started with this candle you light with a wand. You can save them a few galleons on the Hogwarts Express with an assortment of Wizarding World candy. Once they reach Hogwarts, they’ll need their textbooks. Even wizards and witches who are afraid to fly can still make use of this broomstick pen, and even if they don’t fancy the idea of flying around catching Snitches, they can keep one safely on a chain around their neck.

Now that we’ve found things for the wizards and witches, on to the fangbangers (i.e. vampire groupies).

So the “Bill and Sookie” t-shirts are super-cheesy. Fangbangers can still show their love for True Blood by wearing a Bon Temps Football tee, or displaying these shotglasses featuring the logos of the bars featured on the show (Merlotte’s, Fangtasia, Lou Pine’s). Cheeky¬†vampire bite necklaces can be found everywhere on Etsy, along with fancier variations, though the craftily-inclined could easily make their own.

Vampire lovers or vampire wannabes can quench their bloodthirst with this energy drink in a blood bag, which has nutrients found in real blood and tastes like fruit punch. Real-life TruBlood, yo. Learn about vampire lore across cultures with the documentary Is It Real?: Vampires, and find out if blood-drinking Vikings walk among us today (spoiler alert: they don’t).

That’s all for this week’s gift guides, everybody. I hope they’ve been useful in helping you to find great gifts for the people you love. Until next time… mischief managed.

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