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Lunchtime Poll 12/1

Hey! It’s lunchtime already!  The rest of today will be cake for all of you, I can feel it.  We’re veering into pop culture land for today’s lunchtime poll.   What is the best TV show you remember watching as a kid?  I’m going to call a tie between St. Elsewhere, which I watched with my mom every Wednesday night (even after it went off the rails at the end) and the Muppet Show.   I still think the Muppet Show was one of the best shows ever on TV, but I have a fuzzy Henson bias.

By Ophelia Payne

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I loved Full House, Step by Step, and Family Matters, but I don’t know if those were necessarily “good” shows; more like very juvenile sitcoms. For cartoons, I liked Johnny Quest, and for more “adult” shows, I loved watching re-runs of Bonanza (shout-out to Michael Landon! I had the biggest crush on him) and Remington Steele.

Ok, and I don’t know if 12 counts as being a kid, but that’s when Gilmore Girls premiered and I watched it with my mom every week for the first 3 seasons.

I can’t believe you’re making me pick one, it’s like picking your favorite child. Muppet Show, yes. Punky Brewster because she rocked. I loved the Dukes of Hazzard, but that show and He-Man are ones that you can’t go back and watch (don’t do it!) because they do NOT hold up.

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