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Lunchtime Poll: 12/14

It’s noon somewhere! Before you rustle up some vittles, take a moment to answer today’s lunchtime poll.  You’ve been asked to serve on a committee to form a national curriculum for elementary aged students.  You are allowed to contribute one skill to the curriculum.  What do you choose, and why?

By Ophelia Payne

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How to diagram a complex sentence. I think most of what kids need to learn to be good writers can be taught in elementary/middle school, before they start reading literature and exploring the more thematic and esoteric sides of English. I don’t always remember the exact names of parts of speech, but that’s ok, because most of what I know now is intuitive, learned from going over and over sentences and figuring out what belonged where.

I would say creating and understanding graphs. I’m pretty sure it’s already part of the 7821466 tests that elementary school students have to take, but I think it’s a skill that is useful at every grade level (and obviously you would ad complexity to the graphs as the child aged) and draws upon a number of different skills beyond straightforward arithmetic.

My overall education philosophy: Trust teachers, use fewer standardized test.

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