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Netflix Instant: Badass Leading Ladies

Welcome back to our roundup of Netflix Instant movies that may be relevant to your interests.  Today’s Theme: Badass Leading Ladies.  Get your Milk Duds ready, because I have some fun ones.

First Up: Jackie Brown: Pam Grier IS this movie, in my opinion.  She’s tough and kind of an idiot sometimes and most certainly badass.  If you want to see Pam Grier in a different type of badass role, The L Word is also on Instant.

Next: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo:  If anything has come out in the last few years that makes you think “badass leading lady” it probably involves Lisbeth Salander.  Word to the wise, I think my boyfriend is still traumatized after seeing this.  It can be a little hard to watch, and you’ll want to carve “I’m a sadistic pig” into every terrible person you read about it the news for the rest of your life.  The Girl Who Played With Fire is also on Instant, but it’s not as good.

Single White Female: Both Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh are badass in their own right in this flashback to the ’90s.  Plus, it will make you feel better about your roommate’s dirty dishes.

Frida: In a completely different vein of badassery, check out this film about Frida Kahlo.  Salma Hayek was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Frida.

Sister Act: Badass Nuns? Repurposed oldies? Whoopi Goldberg before she was a rape apologist? Yes, please.

A League Of Their Own: The ’90s were a good decade for badass leading ladies.  Sure a lot of the best lines in this movie went to Tom Hanks, but I had a special place in my heart for All The Way Mae.  I will watch this movie pretty much anytime I come across it on tv.

The Diary of Anne Frank: This is the only movie I’m recommending with a badass leading lady that I actually haven’t seen.  I hear it is good and it’s been in my queue forever, I just haven’t been up to watching a depressing movie recently.

Are there any Netflix Instant badass leading ladies that I missed? Let us know in the comments so I can add them to my queue!

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Ooh, ooh! You need to get some Stargate Atlantis up on that list. The whole series is on Netflix streaming, and between Tayla, Elizabeth Weir, and Samantha Carter, you’d be hard pressed to find smarter and more kick-ass ladies.

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