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Scavenger Mondays: Meta Edition

Some ladyblogs drive up page views with scandals, but here at Persephone, we do it with scavenger hunts.  Today we’re going to make you dig all through our archives to find the answers to the most self-referential scavenger hunt you’ll run across today. 

How Well Do You Know Persephone?

Use the site search and a few of your critical thinking skills to find the answers to these questions.  When you have them all, do not post them in the comments! Submit to me through email. ( You can add a reply to gloat to your fellow contestants that you’ve entered, but don’t give anything away!  I’ll accept entries until 11:00 AM EST (GMT -5) tomorrow (12/14/2010) and announce the winner in the lunchtime poll tomorrow. Good luck!

1. How many people submitted essays for our Summer of Seventeen very special episode?

2. Name the two couples who write for us.

3. What color is the icon for posts in the Science category?

4. What was our 2nd post about?

5. What is the most popular tag for our posts?

6. Name one of our affiliates.

7. Name three items recommended by Sally and Erinna’s gift guides.

8. Name two Persephone writers with pop culture related psuedonyms and identify where the names came from.

9. Find three bits of trivia you didn’t know before you read them on Persephone.

10. Tell me your favorite article on the blog.

Johnny, tell the winner what they get!  If you are the first person to email me 10 correct answers (and the last two are pretty much giveaways) you will be given the title Shiny Gold Star of the day and will earn a day of special treats and surprises in your honor later on this week.  Yeah, we’re cheap, but we’re creative.

Can’t wait to see the entries! Editors and writers who are not me are encouraged to enter.

By Ophelia Payne

Editor in Chief of Persephone Magazine, Ophelia spends most of her time in front of a monitor. She writes long, rambling emails in her free time.

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