Snow Day!

There is no greater joy in the life of a kid than a snow day. Waking up for school and looking out the window to find a growing mound of snow taller than your head, waiting impatiently by the radio through the long list of closures and delays to hear whether your school has made the cut, the happy little NO SCHOOL! dance.

I feel bad for the people who grow up in more temperate climates. I come from a city that gets its fair share of snow, so it would take quite a lot to actually get the day off. But the crazy lake effect is unpredictable enough that we’d usually manage at least one a year. To a kid, a snow day always has so many possibilities. Hot chocolate, chicken soup, snow forts and snowball fights, all sorts of delightful fun. And mittens! Who doesn’t love mittens?

Today is a most rare and wonderful day – a snow day for grown ups! Schools around these parts close all the time, but it has to be really bad for businesses and the government to shut down. Too often, grown ups will take a snow day to work from home, but I have made the most of it by spending the day watching terrible movies on Netflix and drinking delicious caramel coffees. Unfortunately for me, the band of snow has concentrated itself over a very specific part of the region, and this is what it looks like outside my house right now:

So no snowmen for me today, but I have done my best to embrace a free day off to the best of my abilities. I’m sure there are plenty of things I could be working on from home, but damn it, snow days are sacred. I now await Chinese food delivery and snuggling with the kittyface. Happy Chanukah to meeeee! I hope for all our fair readers of Persephone many happy snow days in your future.

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During my sophomore year of high school, my school district had a total of 14 snow days, enough that they were faced with tacking on days at the end of the year. Ultimately, they wound up just adding five minutes to each of our 4 daily classes, making the entire school day 20 minutes longer.

I still remember the magical week in February when we had Monday through Friday off. Ahhhhh. It was like spring break came early.

Snow days during childhood was a mixed bag. My birthday falls during snow season. My first real birthday party (1st grade) fell on a Saturday. It snowed feet, not inches. The party had to be cancelled. I can still see myself sitting on my parents’ bed, bawling uncontrollably, my dad looking pitiful, holding the phone to his ear. Then in middle and high school I hoped for snow because it meant postponed tests or exams. But having hard@ss Asian parents meant I couldn’t play outside. “You have extra study time now.”

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