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The Chocolate Covered Daily Goodie

Lo and behold, it’s chocolate covered everything day, and well before any of my New Years revolutions are going into effect.  I’m beyond resolutions, it’s an all out war every January.  Today’s Persephone is very comforting, we’ve got lots of articles on delicious food, some touching Perspectives and a few surprises.

In the meantime, enjoy the Goodie Five, courtesy of the Creative Commons archive on Flickr.  Laws yes, I am such a fangirl of Creative Commons photographers.  Some day when you’re bored at work, go through some of our old posts and get to know an interesting photographer by clicking the image credit links.

To the chocolate covered stuff:

Chocolate covered strawberries, on a stick. Photo credit Tim Pierce, click link to go to original photo on Flickr.

Chocolate covered bacon. You know, I have a novelty tube of bacon lip gloss.  It tastes like pork rinds, despair and flop sweat.  I think I may be burned on bacon anything for awhile, and for this I am sad.

Chocolate covered baklava Oh. What is this? Chocolate covered baklava? I am so trying this.

Chocolate covered animal cracker.

Chocolate covered marshmallows When I was a kid, my grandma used to get caramel covered marshmallows every Christmas time, and my cousins and I would each get one of them.  They  were delicious.  A childhood neighbor would make chocolate covered marshmallows very similar to these, and I barely remember them, other than being convinced they were the most magical thing on earth.  I’ve had other chocolate covered marshmallows, and other caramel covered marshmallows, and none of them lived up.   I think the pictured marshmallows would.

By Ophelia Payne

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