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The Daily Goodie: Baby Gorilla Will Melt Hearts, Elicit Squees

The cute in today’s daily goodie is so cute it hurts a little, but in the best possible way.  Ophelia here, back in the captain’s chair after a day of death flu.  Extra huge thanks to SallyJ and Luci F for stepping in and making the day run smooth as silk on 10 minutes notice and like six words of instructions. 

But enough of that, would you look at this fella?

National Zoo baby gorilla rides on mother’s back

The National Zoo’s baby gorilla quickly growing and changing. She now has noticeably more hair, is getting stronger by the day, and has been increasingly alert and interested in her surroundings.

Mandara has been carrying the baby on her back more frequently when she walks for more than a few steps. Great Ape keepers note that it has been very interesting, and at times entertaining, to watch the other gorillas’ reactions to this new development. While the new vantage point allows the baby a better look at her environment, it also allows her family members a better view of her.

For more information about the baby and the Zoo’s gorilla family, visit our Primate page

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By Ophelia Payne

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