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The Daily Goodie: Getting Steamed Up

First, I think I need to rethink the trivia and the scavenger hunts, because both have returned exactly zero answers.  I’ll post the answers to both at lunchtime today for those who are curious.  If you’d still like to jump in, I’ll accept answers from and shower riches upon anyone brave enough to play. 

Today’s goodie is pictures of pretty teapots.  We can’t afford celeb pics, and these ladies have a ton more character than anyone named Taylor, Justin or BooBoo.

Image Credit Teapot tea infuser

Image Credit Quilted teapot

Image Credit Indonesian Presentation Silver teapot

Image Credit 3D Utah teapots – these are made with a 3D printer, which may be one of the neatest bits of technology ever.  The Utah teapot is a standard shape in digital 3D rendering.

Image Credit Cool black and white teapot

By Ophelia Payne

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