The Furious Kitchen: The Kwanzaa Cake

I have been on death’s door for the past week (Luci translation: I had a mild cold and have been a little run down) so there has been no cooking Furiously in my house.  The most exciting thing I’ve made is an english muffin with honey on it.  But in the spirit of the holiday season, I am posting my cooking inspiration: Sandra Lee.  Every time I leave something on the stove too long.  Every time I say, “I wonder if this ingredient substitution will work” and it completely does not, all I have to say is “hey, at least I didn’t come up with the kwanzaa cake.”  That thing is a train wreck and I never get tired of watching this video.  Corn nuts?? On a cake?? And, as Mr. Furious would say, Why the chocolate frosting?? Is it supposed to be because kwanzaa is for brown people? WTF?.  And the canned apple pie filling.  I love the whole thing.  So, re-watch if you’ve already seen it (you probably have) and enjoy if you haven’t!

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