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Trivial Tuesday: 12/7

It’s Tuesday night and we’re about to head out to the pub around the corner, so here’s a little something to keep you occupied until we’re posting again first thing in the morning.  Last night’s challenge was a scavenger hunt, and there were some great replies.

Tonight, and each Tuesday at 7:00 PM (our last slot of the day) we’ll be doing trivia! Wooo! Rest easy that we’re doing trivia only because I haven’t figured out a way to do commenter karaoke.  Give it time.

Here are tonight’s questions, leave your guesses in the comments and I’ll tell you if you’re right in the morning.  Try to avoid using a search engine or other outside sources for this one, go with your guts!

1. Which beats which in poker between a full house and a  four of a kind?

2. Match the board game with the special equipment piece that came with it:

Equipment: five dice, popping dice bubble, pewter top hat, plastic peg babies, curled up tongues, noose

Games: Cootie, Monopoly, Clue, Yahtzee, Life, Trouble

3. List the following body parts in order by where they are in/on the body from top to bottom:  optic nerve, tibia bone, trapezius muscle, septum, patella, xyphoid process

4. Which of the following is NOT a type of hat? Pork pie, Cartwheel, Trilby, Cloche, Boater, Felt Top

5. How do you calculate the volume of a sphere?

6. Brontë or Austen: Heathcliff

7. What kind of juice is mixed with vodka in a Salty Dog?

8. Name all five events in a Pentathlon

9. Which is deeper at it’s deepest point, the Atlantic or the Pacific?

10. Name five national flags that do not have the color red on them.

By Ophelia Payne

Editor in Chief of Persephone Magazine, Ophelia spends most of her time in front of a monitor. She writes long, rambling emails in her free time.

5 replies on “Trivial Tuesday: 12/7”

1.) Full house
2.) five dice=yahtzee, popping dice bubble=trouble, top hat=monopoly, peg babies=life, tongues=cooties, noose=clue
3.) optic nerve, septum, trapezius muscle, xyphoid process, tibia bone, patella
4.) cartwheel
5.) pi * radius cubed
6.) Emily Bronte
7.) pineapple?
8.) biking, swimming, running, and I have no idea
9.) Pacific
10.) Saudi Arabia, Ireland, …

1. four of a kind
2. five dice – Yahtzee; Popping Dice Bubble – Trouble; pewter top hat; Monopoly; PPB – life; tongues – Cootie; noose – Clue
3. xyphoid process, optic nerve, septum, trapezius, tibia, patella
4. Hmmm…Cartwheel?
5. hell if I know
6. Bronte
7. Grapefruit juice. I once ordered this at a Chicago bar and the bartender got really snooty with me, saying, “Uhhh, don’t you mean a Greyhound?” Blergh.
8. foot race, shotput, javelin, that disc thing, long jump
9. Pacific
10. Sweden, Germany, Kenya, Portugal, Brazil

1. four of a kind
2. dice – Yahtzee, poppomatic bubble – trouble, top hat – Monopoly, peg babies – Life, Tongues – Cooties, Noose – Clue
3. optis nerve, septum, trapezius, xyphoid process, patella, tibia
4. Cartwheel
5. with a calculator
6. Bronte
7. olive juice?
8. running, biking, swimming, shooting, luge
9. Pacific
10. Lebanon, Israel, Ireland, Greece, Tanzania

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