Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Trivia: Geektastic Edition

Today’s Tuesday Trivia is for the geeks, the dorks, the nerds among us.  I’m proudly all three, so this was a total delight to create.  Sharpen those #2s, we’re twisting your noodle extra hard tonight.

1. How many prime numbers are there between 1 and 100?

2. What does the acronym LAMP stand for in relation to server congifuration?

3. Name five planets mentioned in the Firefly/Serenity universe.

4.  How much memory was in a Commodore 64? (There were several models, with varying amounts of RAM, so there are several right answers.)

5. What was the name of the DoD mainframe computer in War Games?

6. Wendigo – Comic book or Canadian?

7. Put in order of when they assumed command, from earliest to latest: Archer, Picard, Janeway, Sisco, Kirk.

8. List in order of badassery: Ripley, Zoe Washburn, Trinity, Sarah Conner, Laura Roslin.  Defend.

9. Easier to prank, Windows or Mac user?

10.  Computer language or illicit drug: PHP, MDMA, Python

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By Ophelia Payne

Editor in Chief of Persephone Magazine, Ophelia spends most of her time in front of a monitor. She writes long, rambling emails in her free time.

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Is this where I respond?
8. Laura Roslin at the top, Trinity at the bottom (honestly, I think it’s her high shine plastic clothes that demote her) everyone else in between. Laura at the top because she saves the human race. They wouldn’t have made it without her. That simple.

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