What do you think of that lady’s outfit, over there?

One of the things I do to pass the time while traveling around the city is scrutinize the outfits of the passersby, and imagine how I would modify the outfits if I were to wear them myself. I don’t do this to be judgmental, my goal is not to criticize their outfits (though I would be lying if I said that never happened!) but rather to glean inspiration from them.

Truly, this is one of my favourite ways to gain fashion inspiration. Magazines can be great, but as everyone knows, they’re edited to sell, and the clothes filling their pages were placed there by paying customers (clothing labels!). The stuff is often too trendy, too expensive, or too ubiquitous. Moreover, because they’re so heavily styled, they can be  intimidating to those who don’t pay much attention to runway shows or haute couture, and aren’t used to “diluting” high fashion for themselves. Worst of all, many magazines dare to proclaim fashion “Do’s” and “Don’ts” (one of my biggest magazine pet peeves), which is not only inherently ridiculous, but also stifling and homogenizing. Who wants to live in a world where all anyone wears is flower-prints in spring, the colour purple in autumn, and chunky scarves in winter?!

Here’s where street style blogs come in. The best part about these  is that they give a more “authentic” (though, of course, this is impossible to quantify) sense of the general style in countless cities around the world. Of course, the photographer in question selects people off the street to feature, and his or her personal tastes are heavily in play – but that in itself can be an inspiration. Are you in the mood for classic European chic with a bit of New York flair? Look no further than the indomitable Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, or the audacious Garance Doré; a true fashion-world power couple. Stilinberlin primarily features the tastes of Berlin, Germany, which tend to run dark and serious, however their two photographers are often traveling around Europe, Australia and Canada and showcasing the styles they find there. FaceHunter is based in London, and his tastes are best described as quirky and playful. These are my favourite street style blogs, and I love perusing the photos for outfits that make me want to pull all my clothes out of the closet and try them on in different ways.

So, commenters! Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

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I like looking at vintage magazines, copying things I see friends and strangers wearing, looking at clothing catalogs and every once in a while, reading fashion magazines–though I generally avoid them because they make me feel depressed with all their unattainable products and whatnot.

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