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Big Love and Female Archetypes

Normally I would be writing my Big Love recap, but due to some technical difficulties I wasn’t able to watch it.  So what’s better than watching the women of Big Love? Analyzing them!  For fun, I ran them through this “What Female Archetype Are You,” quiz and here’s what I got:

Barb: Barb is the caregiver, teacher and problem-s0lver.  We often see her in the kitchen, even when she is cooking as rebellion (see: the coq au vin from the first episode this season).  As the public wife she as been the family figureheard and she remains the glue that is holding the family together.  She acts as a mother not just to her children, but to her sister-wives as well.  She got Hestia as her Female Archetype.  Hestia is the goddess of the hearth.  While she is a caretaker, Hestia is also focused inwards.  Spirituality is crucial to a Hestia, which is why being excommunicated has been especially devastating to Barb.  In Jungian terms, Barb would be The Mother archetype.

Nicki: In terms of the virgin/whore archetype, Nicki is the virgin.  Remember how she doesn’t want the wild sex that Margene has and that one creepy time when Bill called her a “good girl” while they were having sex.  Nicki eats that up though, she needs to be the “good girl” in the eyes of Bill and her father.  As far as her Female Archetype, she got Artemis the “Wild Woman”, but maybe I answered one of her personality traits wrong because she doesn’t really seem to be an Artemis, who is a nurturer, doesn’t need a man and can develop close relationships with women.  Nicki is none of the above.  I think she more closely resembles the Demeter archetype.  Demeter was raped by Zeus, as was Nicki by JJ and Persephone was taken from Demeter, just like Cara Lynn.  Demeter is also known to cause destruction due to her grief and if Nicki ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Nicki is the toughest one to place because almost all of the female archetypes, outside of the sexy seductress types want to be nurturers and mothers.  On the outside Nicki says she wants kids, but that birth control she was taking tells me she doesn’t want that to be all there is to her.  Also, she is the most selfish of all the women, and every good female archetype is supposed to be generous.  That may be why we always have such conflicted feelings about her.

Margene: If there’s gonna be a virgin then there’s gotta be a whore and that’s where Margie comes in!  My girl Margene is an Aphrodite, sexual and outgoing and using her charms to get what she wants from men.  Apparently in mythology, Aphrodite and Demeter had to be kept apart, which explains the constant tension between Nicki and Margene. As Bill’s side piece I think that Anna is an Aphrodite as well, and they bond over their shared experience as the Whore.

Lois and Adelene: These women are both The Crone, but in different stages of acceptance.  Where Lois has pretty much said fuckitall and has kicked her husband out, Adalene is trying to get back to her status as The Mother which was likely the time when she felt most powerful and comfortable.  Both of them offer lessons in What Not To Do for the other women.

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