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Community: All About Annie

Hi guys, it’s been about a month since the awesomesauce Christmas claymation episode of Community aired, and we’re finally back with a new episode! Don’t forget that if you’re still not on board with this show, I hate you a little bit and you have no excuse to miss it, because new episodes are free on Hulu. So get watchin’.

Now that that’s out of the way, I need to start off with a little Annie rant. If you’ve been paying attention to the snide remarks about Annie that I’ve been throwing into my recaps (all five of you), then this will come as no surprise. True, I’ve had a horrible cold for over a week and true, I’ve made the ill-advised decision to have some red wine this evening, but I need to get this off my chest before the feeling subsides.

I’m really not sure why, after having created an entire universe of quirky-but-still-grounded characters, they continue to excessively focus on sweet, cute, perfect Annie, as well as let her be the one character who never seems to get her comeuppance at the end of any episode. Jeff seems to be chastened every single week, Shirley gets mocked for her earnestness, everyone rolls their eyes at Britta’s politics and opinions, and Troy and Abed are regularly reminded that they’re nerds. Meanwhile, anyone who hurts Annie’s feelings in any way ends up apologizing. If she feels bad about herself, they end up making her feel better, and don’t forget back in December, an entire episode was based around her temper tantrum about someone stealing her pen.

There’s nothing wrong with Annie; I just find her neither interesting nor funny, and if the writers need to have Jeff dealing with his feelings for a woman, I’d much rather get back to the Jeff-and-Britta dynamic, a scalding war of wits that’s much more entertaining than yet another “Will they or won’t they?” that Jeff and Annie’s relationship has become. (Any Annie apologists out there are welcome to state their case in the comments!)

Chang from Community
Chang: At least you know what you're getting

That said, you can imagine I wasn’t crazy about last night’s episode. The study group comes back from Christmas break, and they end up focusing on Annie’s new crush(!). For some reason they’re all taking a second semester of Anthropology, and in their first class, it’s revealed that her new crush is Rich, the perfect doctor from last season’s pottery episode, and this season’s zombie episode. Everyone, including Annie, assumes Jeff doesn’t like Rich because he’s jealous that Annie’s interested in him. Jeff’s pre-existing hatred of Rich (remember? He hated him in pottery class before Annie had anything to do with him!) surfaces again, and he pushes back when Annie wants him to join their study group.

Jeff instead pushes for formerly Senor Chang (apparently his first name is Ben?) to join the group, declaring in a hilarious speech that at least they know exactly how terrible he is. Rich, on the other hand, seems so perfect that there just has to be something horribly wrong with him. The group splits their votes between Rich and Chang, and when Shirley votes for Chang, Peirce (who voted for Rich and his delicious kettle corn) blurts out that Shirley’s pregnant with Chang’s baby. (In an admirable display of continuity, Troy had told Peirce what he’d learned from the Halloween episode, when Chang and Shirley had some survivor sex in the bathroom before the zombies attacked them.)

After a few arguments in the men’s room, Jeff heads out to the front of the library building where it’s pouring rain. He has a little heart-to-heart with Shirley’s husband about how the love of a good woman makes life worth living (okay?), and then Abed comes out to tell Jeff that Rich had turned Annie down when she asked him out. Cue Jeff sprinting out from under the cover of the library and out into the street.

When Jeff began running through the rain, I was momentarily dismayed that he was going to show up at Annie’s place. However! It turns out he went to Rich’s place so Rich can teach him how to be a better person. This was still fairly disappointing, because I like my Jeff kind of narcissistic and dysfunctional (case in point, my aforementioned desire to see him with Britta). Also, was it just me, or did Joel McHale’s forehead look a little over-botoxed during that scene? Anyway, throw in an extra-funny Troy and Abed in the Morning during the credits, and this episode wasn’t too bad. I just hope next week get more hijinks and a little less Annie.

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Tardy to the party on this one, but just had to comment. When Jeff started running to the apartment in the rain I let out an anguished “Nooooo!” to my empty living room. Jeff wouldn’t go running after Annie! That’s not what Jeff does! When Rich answered the door I beyond relieved.

I just read the first couple paragraphs and then had to stop because I haven’t seen this episode yet, but I wanted to chime in and say I absolutely agree with you about Annie. It hadn’t occurred to me that she wasn’t getting chastised in the same way as the other characters, but I have been feeling lately as though she just gets waaaaaayy too much screen time, and far too many plots revolve around her.

Also, her fake Texan accent in the Troy-birthday episode was both unlistenable and made her out to be less neurotic and more just generally unbalanced.

I have very similar feelings about Claire from Modern Family.

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