Confessions of a Sports Black Sheep

For the past several weeks, the increasing sports fervor on my Facebook newsfeed has been palpable.  Today, it’s almost overwhelming.  I can’t even imagine the green and yellow fire that is raging over my hometown of Eugene, Oregon today.  That’s because, to my understanding, there is some sort of a major sporting event happening in Arizona today.  I am told that it is a “football championship” and that it’s kind of a big deal.  My parents are there.  My sister and brother-in-law are there.  Half my hometown is there.  And I?  Couldn’t care less.  I won’t be watching it, I don’t care about the outcome, I think sports are kind of silly.  In short – I am a black sheep in my family and in my town.

Growing up in a college town means you’re always surrounded by college sports.  My parents have been season-ticket holders to football and basketball games longer than I’ve been alive.  At Christmas this year, my sister and brother-in-law unwrapped box after box of Ducks memorabilia and my sister semi-joked that she could dress in Ducks gear for an entire month without ever having to re-wear a single item.  I have one Ducks shirt that I bought several years ago when I went with my family to a bowl game.

My sports apathy is not for lack of trying on my parents’ part.  I’ve been dragged to more than my share of men’s and women’s basketball games, some baseball games and even a couple of football games.  The only thing that has ever interested me is the food selection available for sports-watching.  I don’t think I am as interested or invested in anything as much as the people close to me are interested in Oregon football.  I have no idea what that might even be like, because in my opinion it’s not really worth the time or money.

Sometimes I feel sad that I am so left out of something that seems to be so inspirational for others, but then I just go do something that I actually care about and I get over it.  When my boyfriend told me he isn’t very interested in sports, I knew we were meant to be, because I could never see myself becoming a Sunday widow or sitting through sporting events just to spend time with my partner.

So, in about 3 hours, there is this big game on TV.  I will be avoiding Facebook because I’m already tired of all the sports posts and sometimes you just need to come to terms with being a Sports Black Sheep.

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Hey, I lived in Eugene for four years! Why four? Because I was a student there…

I’m a huge Duck fan so I won’t get all OOOO in your face. But I can understand your apathy. I am NOT a hockey fan.

But, while we may not share the ducks, your town is really awesome. I loved living there. I’d go back if there was any sort of work for me.

Also, Hodge Podge Rules! :)

What always drives me nut about sports fervor is how socially acceptable it is compared to different obsessions, like sci fi conventions. Knowing every detail about the Green Bay packers is normal and awesome but knowing every plot detail of the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn is pure craziness and shameful.

Get over yourselves, overzealous sports people! Waugh.

I live in a city that lives and breathes college football. I don’t understand it, I’ll never be a part of it, and people think I’m weird because it’s not part of my blood. You can’t even get married on a football weekend without people complaining or not showing up, so that’s three months out of the year (and some of the more affordable ones!) that people won’t schedule major life events for, simply because of THE GAME.

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