Cook Once, Eat Much: Meals from a Package of Ground Beef

Last week, we tackled a giant package of chicken. This week, we are going to dive hands first into a 3lb (or larger) package of ground beef. At my local grocery store, the 3lb package of ground beef typically much cheaper than individual 1lb package. But I don’t need to make 18 hamburgers at once, do you?

Here are some ideas on how to use the whole 3lb package at once, and prepare meat for several meals.

1) Make meatloaf or hamburgers (2lbs).

In the winter, I make meatloaf. In the summer, I make hamburgers. Regardless, I typically make two meatloaves or two portions of hamburgers. I use one that evening, and then I freeze the second batch for a later meal. To prepare for freezing, I wrap in plastic wrap and then wrap again in aluminum foil. The foil can be removed for easy microwave defrosting.

Don’t have a favorite meatloaf recipe? Try this one on, the sauce is amazing.

Need an on-the-fly recipe? Try this:

1 lb ground beef

1 can vegetable vegetarian condensed soup

1 egg

1/4 c. breadcrumbs

Combine all ingredients and bake at 350 for about an hour.

2) Brown the meat for chili or tacos (1 bl).

Whatever meat is leftover, brown in a skillet for later use. It can be used for chili or tacos on a a different night. The browned meat can be stored in a zipper plastic bag, in the fridge or freezer depending on when you plan to use it.

Chili is even easier than usual when the meat’s already cooked and everything gets put in the slow-cooker for the day.

So now you’ve got a plan to use all of the meat in the 3lb package in a matter of just a few minutes. Dinner’s Done!

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