Cook Once, Eat Much: Pork Roast

Pork roast is something that always tastes so good, but when it’s sold in 8lb roasts, it’s a lot to make for a a weeknight dinner. I’ve recently discovered the easiest way to cook a pork loin roast is to cook it in a slow cooker. Simply place it in the slow cooker, add a cup of water or so, season the top of it with salt and pepper and cook it on low. Go about your business. 6-8 hrs later, your pork roast will be ready to serve. How’s that for easy? Serve with potatoes and a green vegetable, and dinner’s done. Roasts can, of course, be roasted in the oven. It takes an hour or two, which may not be ideal for weeknights, but has a wide selection of traditional roast recipes if you’re game.

Once you’ve had your fill of this meal, the rest of the roast can be made into bbq pulled pork. It can be another slow cooker project, or a saucepan. As the pork heats, add bbq sauce and shred the pork with two forks. Depending on how much you have, and how many people you’re feeding, you may want to freeze part of this batch in a freezer bag.

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