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Daily Goodie – 1/16

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Whether you have the day off or not, it’s nice to take a minute today to think of some of the amazing things Dr. King did to advance civil rights.  Today’s Daily Goodie is a clip from MLK speaking in Montgomery on March 25, 1965.  This isn’t a speech you hear as often, and it’s Dr. King discussing how he thinks prejudice has to end eventually because “no lie can live forever.”

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Oh Goodwin, I need to promote him for all the stupid smack I spoke mocking his and his siblings’ unsual names. Turns out his parents did d@mn good work, taught the kids important life lessons–evolved Tiger parentings–and gave Goodwin a very fitting name.

And dang little HK had no idea he would become so hot–intellectually and physically–as an adult.

I’ve benefitted from MLK Jr.’s, and thousands of others, work. After the civil rights bill was legislated–pushed through by President LBJ and his no holds barred Texan style–quotas were dropped in 1965, in universities officially and in work places unofficially. My father, several family friends, and relatives, were part of this wave of migration in the late 60’s. Dad arrived in ’65 and my mother and I followed in ’66.

I have memories of a revolving door of “new friends from the homeland” passing through our house in my youth. Had no idea what it meant, how history, the civil rights movement, and MLK JR. were all part of these “aunties”, “uncles”,and childhood acquaintances. One of those kids was Goodwin Liu, whom President Obama has nominated–and renominated–for federal judgeship.

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