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Feeling Unspired?

I freaking love the internet.  One minute, a lady can be happily searching for typos and trying to find time to find something on TV actually worth recapping.  The next moment, the whole world can open up.   Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook’s goofy little cousin from art school, tumblr, such a moment happened.  That moment was filled with unspirational macros.

Unspirational Thoughts is the place to be if you don’t want some stupid kitten telling you to hang in there while it clings tenuously to a branch.   I’m including a few of my favorites (click the usernames under the pics for the original poster/post on Tumblr.) and a couple I made myself.  The last one made me momentarily something called “tumblr famous.”   Like D-list tumblr famous, but still.  I’m owning it.

Background: spiderweb against out of focus trees.  Text reads: Jane Austen wouldn't want to braid your hair.

Little Honda

Background: red-tinted seascape with a sillouette of a couple embracing. Text reads: Whenever you are with me, I blame my farts on the dog.


Background: Actor Ryan Gosling wears a knit cap and looks pensive. Text reads: Hey Girl, you're never going to meet anyone close to your Ryan Gosling fantasies on OK Cupid.


Background: Snow falling in front of a barren tree at night.  Text reads: You are like a snowflake.  Your life is just as brief and insignificant.


This one is mine.

And so is this one.

Link me to more awesome ones in the comments! I won’t have time to get over there until after the ladybloggin’s done for the day.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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