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Fun and Games Trivia Answers

I have got to say, I was truly surprised by how many of you really don’t like Smarties.  Between everyone who commented, all the questions were answered correctly except the Smartie question, because apparently I am the only one who cares.  No, wait, I lied.  No one got #8 either.  I guess that makes up for all you Smartie-haters.  A little.

Wemble Fraggle and a bowl of Smarties
See look, Fraggles get excited about Smarties!

1.  What is the actual name of the plush horse-head-on-a-stick toy pictured above?

It’s a Hobby Horse.  It’s kind of an odd toy, but I remember when I was little and it was the coolest thing ever.  My kids loved them too.  Take that video games, imagination still kicks your butt!

2.  What was originally billed as “A Party In a Box” in the 1980’s?

How could it not be Twister?  But it’s not.  The “Party in a Box” was Trivial Pursuit.  I learned this from a Trivial Pursuit question, which I still think is funny.

3.  What is “Simple and Clean”?

“Simple and Clean” is the theme song for the Kingdom Hearts video game series.  Hatofass gets credit for a correct answer because, while she didn’t mention Kingdom Hearts, she proved that she got the reference by quoting the next line in the song.  (BTW, I am very interested in knowing the story behind the “hatofass” screen name.  I am reading it as “hat of ass”, which seems like a formal way of calling someone an asshat.)

4.  This item was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2008 because, among other things, it can be a sword, a light saber, a bat, a hockey stick, a pen or a magic wand.

It’s a stick.  I think it’s fantastic that the stick is in the Toy Hall of Fame.  It is the most versatile plaything in the history of playing.  The only other thing that even comes close is the empty box.

5.  Strawberry Shortcake may be the nicest girl in Berry Bitty City, but which of her friends is a book lover?

I just realized that no one got this question either.  Blueberry Muffin is the book lover.  After the latest Strawberry Shortcake makeover, Blueberry now runs the Berry Bitty City Bookshop.

wembly diving into a bowl of Smarties
Wembly likes them so much he's going to dive right in.

6.  Which will keep my six-year-old daughter entertained longer, a Barbie Doll or a Whoopie Cushion?

I’m trying to think of something that makes my daughter laugh more than her Whoopie Cushion, but I can’t.  For sheer entertainment value it is the best dollar I even spent, hands down.

7.  This “magic” toy now comes in versions which will offer daily affirmations, quick psychological advice, instant excuses or sarcastic quips.

Yes, it is the Magic 8 Ball.  I have the Affirmation Ball, which is yellow and has a smiley face on it, and every time it tells me “Your breath is so minty” I know it will be a good day.  (You can also get a Magic d20 of Destiny, which makes my inner gamer geek drool a little.)

8.  Released in 1982, what was the Colecovision knock-off of Pac-Man called?

Ladybug.  Don’t ask me how I pulled this one out of my ass, because I have no freakin’ idea.  I was racking my brain for a good video game question and Ladybug surfaced in my mind like some sort of prehistoric skeleton working its way out of the tar pits.

9.  Which toy has been described as; bizarre, creepy, dangerous and ‘the devil’ (especially if you are a worrisome 8 year old with lots of irrational fears and a perfectionist streak)?

Perfection.  Personally, I liked Perfection and its sequel Superfection.  It got the adrenaline pumping.  Our own Selena McIntosh had a differing opinion.

Smartie Smiley face
They're cool because they're Canadian!

10.  What flavor are green Smarties?

They’re strawberry, you Smartie-haters.

*Bonus – It’s all fun and games until…

…Someone has to go to the emergency room

…Buster loses a hand (Yay Mythbusters!)

…The Jell-o on the Slip and Slide dries out

…Someone disses my Smarties!

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8 replies on “Fun and Games Trivia Answers”

My sister and I like to playfully talk shit. Calling someone a hat of ass (yeah, asshat) is a lot nicer than what we really think, anyway.

Smarties! It’s been so long since I’ve eaten them that I don’t even remember what they taste like. My guess would be kind of chalky?

I love Perfection and Superfection. We’ll have our own fun, Sara B. and Selena can watch from behind the safety of a police interrogation room one way mirror.

As for Magic 8 Ball, there’s an even better toy that will freak you out with its accuracy. It’s called 20 questions. There are bigger versions of it but my kids had the original yo-yo sized ones. It’s frightening how close the answers are. I’ve given it as gifts to many kids.

I have never liked the chocolate Smarties, I think they taste icky. I read that same Wikipedia entry to find out what the different flavors are and it said that the good Smarties in the US are imported from Canada. I had always wondered why some were better than others. Turns out the ones I like are really Rockets in disguise. :)

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