How To: Take Great Naked Pictures

FYI: There are no naked pictures in this post.   Best to get that out of the way first.

So you’ve decided to take some sexy shots to share with your special someone, or however you want to share them.  We don’t blame you at all, sharing sexy photos can be a great way to keep a long distance relationship interesting, as well as a fun way to flirt with someone who isn’t so far away.  We totally support you embracing your sexy and slightly dangerous self.   With a few exceptions.

1. Don’t take naked pictures if you’re not at least 18.    Having naked pictures of anyone who isn’t an adult, even if that person is you, can get you in a lot of trouble with the law.   Getting busted with a little weed when you’re a teenager is something you can shake, getting busted with what everyone else will call child pornography is not.  This is a no-bullshit time when it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Strongly consider leaving your face and your easily identifiable details (tats, unique piercings or jewelry, your picture on the nightstand, your reflection in the mirror, etc.) out of the shot.   We’re not saying the person you’re in love with is an asshole, we’re just saying you can never be 100% sure.  Keep your nudie pics as anonymous and you can and you have insurance against waking up in the middle of the night post break-up thinking Oh my fuck, what if THAT picture ends up on the internet. Be your own press secretary and control the story well before it has a chance to leak.

3. Don’t take nudie pics unless YOU want to.  It’s never okay for anyone to pressure you into doing things you aren’t comfortable with.  Your body is your body, you get to make all the decisions about what you want to do with it.

Enough of that, let’s get to the fun part.

The most important detail to remember is that if you feel sexy, you’re gonna look sexy.   Especially to the person who likes being naked with you.

Start by setting the stage.  Put the good sheets on the bed, fluff up the pillows, stick the clutter under the bed so it’s not in any of your pictures.  (This is fantasy.)   Take a shower to help you relax.  If you shave anything, do it the day before so any razor irritation has a chance to go away.  Smooth on a little lotion, it’ll give your skin a nice glow.   Have a little wine, if that’s your thing, and stretch a little or masturbate for a few minutes to keep yourself mellow.

Lighting can be your best friend or your worst enemy, so play with different ways of lighting the room until you find the one that you find the most flattering.  Overhead lighting and florescent bulbs can be harsh and make weird shadows on even the most breathtakingly beautiful naked people, but those pink light bulbs you can buy at the grocery store are surprisingly flattering to many skin tones.   Candlelight is also pretty universally flattering, but it can be tricky to capture the effect with a camera.   A theater trick is to light yourself from two separate angles, it adds dimension and limits shadows.  Which means you’ll look fantastic.

To set up your camera, a tri-pod is probably going to be your best bet, if you don’t have a really good friend (or the intended recipient) around to help you take the photos.  If you don’t have a tripod, set the camera on a stable surface somewhere you won’t kick it (if things get really fun) and practice setting the timer and taking shots to figure out the best placement for both you and the camera.

Okay! Now your stage is set, you’re lit like a movie star, glowing and a little buzzed.  Work it! Don’t be afraid to be silly (and it’s totally okay and normal if it feels a little silly at first), you can always delete any shots you don’t like later.  Relax and have fun, and do whatever feels right for you.   A few innocent pin-up poses in your cutest underpinings and retro heels? Fabulous.   Crazy kinky times with a treasure chest full of props and a masked assistant? Also fabulous.   These are your sexy naked pictures, you can define sexy however you want.

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Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to figure out the timer on your camera if you’re not already familiar with it! I had a hell of a time trying to use the timer on my camera to take a picture of the tattoo on my upper back and got SO many shots of me mid-walk-away-from-the-dresser-the-camera-was-sitting-on.

Great advice!

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