It’s Not Paranoia If Someone Is Actually Watching You

A friend posted this video on my Facebook today and it had me cackling the whole way through.  I commented that I have been so willing to throw down with rude people in public spaces these days, that this guy would be sorry he ever even conceived of this prank.  Most people seem to just be ignoring him though.  What would you do?

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

One reply on “It’s Not Paranoia If Someone Is Actually Watching You”


Highlights: blue shirted tub lady standing and staring; “left, right, left, right”; “What are you doing? Are you following me?”

Oh no way man: looking into the lady’s cart and discussing the CD.

Big applause for the dude’s acting and staying in character.

HK’s reaction if caught in this situation: I’d assume I’m on an MTV show and act accordingly, copy the dude, start videotaping him. No in real life I am so “lost in my world” Iprobably wouldn’t notice him until he followed me into the ladies’ room.

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