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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars episode 4

veronica marsIt’s time again for my weekly recap of Veronica Mars.  It’s been a couple weeks, have you forgotten everything that’s happened?  It’s ok, I did too.  Fortunately, Veronica Mars loves those voiceovers and flashbacks so much that I think we’ll have no trouble picking it right back up.

The episode starts where the last one ended, with Veronica making out with her boring new 09er boyfriend Troy-Bot who she called in tears at the end of the last episode when she went to Arizona to find her mom and couldn’t.  I guess all that smooching did it’s job because she’s all smiles when Troy mentions that it’s too bad she’s not the type to join things because he wants to invite her to homecoming.   Veronica practically walks into the doorjamb she’s so giddy.  When she gets inside, Papa Mars is pretending to read a magazine or something and she asks him if he dug up any dirt on Troy-Tron.  Silly Veronica, automatons don’t have pasts!  He says he didn’t and then says he wants to spend more time with Veronica because this new boyfriend is taking up too much of her time.  Oh, I guess this is at some point in the future from the last episode.   They’ve just been making out the whole time.

Homecoming flashback!  Veronica and Lilly (RIP) are picking out homecoming dresses and Lilly is saying that Veronica needs to let her inner-sexy stand out.  Lilly has planned some evening of debauchery that apparently only will take place in their homecoming dresses and not at the actual dance.  We’re starting to understand that Lilly was a “bad girl” before she died.  Hmmm.

Cut to Wallace working in the office with a girl named Georgia who he’s totes crushing on.  She confesses that she did something stupid and Wallace gets a diabolical grin.  OK, so the advantageous relationship with Veronica and Wallace isn’t completely one sided!  He can use her detective skills to get a girlfriend!  Georgia explains to Veronica that she was pretty much involved in a Nigerian Prince scam, Southern California edition.  How are people still falling for this?!  Anyway, some “trust fund” kid Georgia was dating a while back e-mailed her saying that he needed money to cover some gambling debts.  It was only for 2 weeks! And he would pay 200% interest.  Wallace, you can really do better than someone dumb enough to believe that, for reals.  Anyway, Veronica’s eye for detail pays off and she immediately notices that the e-mail was sent from some nerd domain.  She calls the number in a super bubbly voice pretending to be Amber saying she thinks she can help this kid with money.  So that’s our case for the week, it seems pretty straight forward.

The next day we learn that a Lilly Kane memorial fountain is going to be dedicated at Homecoming, which seems like kind of a downer.  Troy 1.0 confirms that Veronica is going to the dance with him, and Veronica lets him know that Papa Mars wants to meet him and Troy is unfazed.  Then we have a flashback for Veronica to explain why homecoming makes her sad.  The flashback starts at the Kane household where the kids are getting ready for the dance and Lilly makes a grand entrance in a boobie-baring sparkly dress.  Veronica ends her flashback when Wallace bounds up, giddy that he has been spending so much time with dumb Georgia.  And just then, the scammer calls “Amber” and sets up a time to meet!

We see a brief cut of Duncan telling Logan that they need someone to present a video tribute of Lilly, which Logan offers to do.

Cut again to Wallace, Georgia and “Amber” waiting for the trust fund scammer.  But, wait! It’s not the guy Georgia talked to who goes up to talk to Veronica, it’s some other dude dressed the same and with the  same backpack! Is there more than one scammer?  Wallace sticks a tracking device to Karl the scammer’s car, like they like to do.  Veronica plays dumb and says she needs to get the cash for him the next day and sets out to follow Karl.  She follows him to the local play house where she sees a bunch of head shots of these guys in a play, one of whom happens to be Karl.  She takes his headshot down and sees his acting credits on the back, one of which includes the role of Karl in Duped! This is going to be the quickest solve ever!  Only, that night when she goes to confront “Karl” it turns out that he’s just as dumb as Georgia.  Of course there is no show called Duped!, the scammers scammed this guy into doing their scams for them!  Veronica calls the number that fake Karl had and learns that it’s a pay phone at some gaming club for nerds. The next night, Veronica Mars Master of Disguise goes to infiltrate the club dressed in an anime-style school girl costume.  She uses the guaranteed nerd-baiting method of killing your own team members in a video game to get the actual scammer to get riled up so she can see his face.  She then finagles his ID so she can get his name and learns that he goes to a local college.  Veronica and Wallace dress up as nerds to go to a party at this college.

And it’s flashback time!  The kids are all in their limo, getting drunk and playing truth or dare.  This is when Veronica was fun and carefree.  But now she has responsibilities to track down nerds.  She and Wallace go to the party (Wallace’s “nerd costume” includes a t-shirt that says E=MC²) and learn that the guy, Grant, is a BNOC – Big Nerd On Campus.  Veronica breaks into Grant’s room, which has an alarm connected to his phone.  He and his bouncer colleague stop her, but not before she’s seen that there is all kinds of security.  What are they doing?!

The next day at school, Veronica sees Logan putting together the memorial video for Lilly.  Only he’s super bored because it’s only videos of of her in girl scouts and singing and stuff, but we know that Lilly was way more exciting!  We know because a flashback is showing us their Homecoming night where they’re walking on the beach playing Never Have I Ever…and Logan is videotaping it.  In real life, Veronica and Logan agree that Lilly would have hated her boring memorial video.

Later we see Veronica and Papa going to the college where Papa Mars pretends to be a DEA agent to get access to the boys’ dorm room where he can plant…you guessed it, a bug! Veronica listens to the bug and is apparently enough of a super spy to tell just by sound what numbers are being pressed on a security keypad.  She writes down the code to the secret room.  And now it’s time for the Big Meeting between Troy-Bot and Papa Mars.  Before Veronica shows up, Keith lets Troy-Tron know that he knows he had a room reserved at the Four Seasons.  Troy-Tronic has a good Oh Shit face here.  It was probably programmed.

The next day, Veronica has Keith call Grant to pretend to be an admissions officer who apparently bribes students to show prospective freshman the campus by giving them passes to see new extra-nerdy video games.   This is one area where Veronica Mars really excels, she always seems to know exactly what is going to be the most motivating or interesting to someone.  Turns out the prospective student is Nerd Wallace and he gets the boys off campus long enough for Veronica to break in to their room.  Through her eavesdropping via the bug, Veronica has learned that these boys developed some awesome video game and have been doing the scam to get money for their project.  Veronica dismantles the computers, spills soda all over them, and leaves a note with a version of the scam e-mail that they sent out.  They come and bring their money right away to get their backup drives.  Veronica turned Grant over to the FBI, which he doesn’t know yet.  And Wallace gets a kiss from Georgia! Just what he always wanted!

It’s flashback time again.  It’s the morning after the homecoming dance, the kids roll up in the limo and Papa Mars and the Kanes are waiting for them.  Oops.  We see that Lilly’s mom blames her for causing trouble and Lilly seems to be the scapegoat.  In real time, it’s time for Lilly’s video memorial, which Logan and Veronica cut with video of Lilly’s wild side from the night of their homecoming adventure. It brought Weevil to tears!  He’s so sensitive. <3.  The episode ends with Veronica stopping the limo on the way to the current Homecoming dance so she can skinny dip in the ocean.  Her own little tribute to Lilly, who wanted her to be wilder.   But more importantly, Weevil is so sensitive and multidimensional!

Come see me next week for more rewatching of Veronica Mars!

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