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Ladyghosts – Veronica Mars: Return of the Kane

veronica marsLilly Kane murdered blah blah blah. I wasn’t all that invested in her murder up until this episode when it starts to come out that there was all kinds of corruption and mismanagement in her case.   This episode also delves deeper into the class divisions and some of the inner-workings of the upper-class families in Neptune.

On the Neptune High front, it’s school election time!  Daddy Kane wants Duncan to run for student body president for Duncan’s college applications.  Duncan isn’t into it though, but we see that Daddy Kane has high expectations for Duncan ““ expecting him to go to Stanford and Stanford Law and graduate Summa Cum Laude.  He says this jokingly, but he’s mostly serious.  For some reason, Logan is also really invested in Duncan winning, and creates a campaign video that runs on the school’s TV channel.  Super Action Star Aaron Echols endorses Duncan in this video.  Poor Duncan didn’t even know he was running until he saw it.  Duncan’s competition is Wanda Varner.  She is like the Evil Veronica ““ you can tell because she has dark hair, as opposed to blondie, helping-her-fellow-man Veronia.   Wanda is another popular has-been and used to be on pep squad with Veronica but now she wears combat boots.  I wonder which came first.  Anyway, Wanda runs after getting pissed that some 09er kids told on her for ordering food for lunch, a privilege only awarded to students with enough Pirate Points.  Pirate Points being perks given to kids who play sports, and denied kids who do any less-preppy extracurriculars like art, theater, band, or Ecstasy.  Nerds and partiers don’t get to enjoy Chinese food, apparently.  Anyway, after flipping out and stomping on some 09er pizza with her Alternative Combat Boots, Wanda runs for president on an anti-Pirate Point Platform, against Duncan’s Six Degrees of Aaron Echols Platform.  This is all relevant to Veronica because she has to cover the election for the school newspaper.

Also school-related, Logan is angry that there are always paparazzi around his house and he has decided that his extracurricular activity is going to be Bum Fights.  I don’t think that earns Pirate Points.  Anyway, The Smoking Gun gets a hold of Logan’s bum fight video which pisses of Aaron because of the bad press.   I think we’re supposed to think that Aaron Echols is a dick because of the way he treats Logan during this whole fiasco.  But really, how would your parents ““ movie stars or not ““ react if they found out you were exploiting homeless people.   Logan’s punishment is to volunteer at a soup kitchen, while the press films his good deed and Aaron spins some crap about Logan having a great heart.  Logan gets back at him though by saying that Aaron promised to donate half a million dollars to the soup kitchen ““ an idea that probably brewed when on the way to the soup kitchen Aaron signed on for a picture that will pay him 8 figures.  Greedy Aaron is pissed, even though half a million bones is couch cushion change for him.  Ok”¦so it turns out that Aaron was pissed a little beyond regular parent angry, because he makes Logan pick out a belt to be hit with.  While Mrs. Echols, played by a liptastic Lisa Rinna, sits out in the living room drinking a cocktail.

OK, so back to the Lilly Mystery.  The guy who confessed to Lilly’s murder, Abel Koontz, has decided to fire his court-appointed lawyer and will be scheduled for lethal injection the next year.  It’s probably the fastest trip to death row in history.   While Veronica is watching the news story about this, she sees a clip of the police holding up a pair of Lilly’s shoes that they recovered from Abel’s house when they arrested him.  Later, when Veronica is snooping through Papa Mars’ Lilly Kane Murder safe to find information for her own Lilly Kane Murder computer folders she sees a picture from Lilly’s room taken the night she died ““ with her shoes there! How did Abel get a hold of her shoes if they were in her room when she died?!  And that’s why Veronica Mars is the best, most observant junior private detective in the whole world! She doesn’t act on her findings in this episode, but you can guarantee that she will.

So, back to the school election drama.  Veronica helps Wanda campaign and it looks like Wanda is going to win in a landslide.  But, Duncan wins! Veronica’s detective sense goes off and she demands a recount.  For some reason Jane Lynch, who is pretty much playing Sue Sylvester, is in charge of recounts and her loyalties lie with the 09ers.  But Veronica gets the newspaper teacher to sponsor a recount and Veronica discovers that someone (Madison Sinclair, who is responsible for a number of Neptune misdeeds) handed out a mislabeled list so that the classes that would have been most likely to vote for Wanda would actually be marking Duncan on their ballots.

Ok, so fine, Veronica solved that mystery, but that’s not the only problem at hand.  Prior to the recount, people have spray painted “Narc” all over Wanda’s locker and car.  Veronica has no idea why”¦until she tries to give a campaign sticker to Weevil who declines because his boy Felix got busted for stealing a bunch of Welcome to Neptune signs, coincidentally a week after Felix started hooking up with Wanda. Weevil is so honorable.  He knows where he stands”¦and that’s by his hoodlum friends who steal street signs.  <3  Unfortunately, this is the only Weevil appearance in this episode aside from a telling exchange between Veronica and Wanda when Wanda asks Veronica if she or Lilly ever had a thing with Weevil.  Veronica laughs it off, but she doesn’t know what she’s missing.

So Veronica hatches a very Veronica-style plan.  She lets on that she knows someone who can hook her up with some Ecstasy, and lo and behold the cops are raiding her locker the next day.  Wanda’s doing?  Likely.  On the day of the recount election, Veronica’s dilemma is should she vote for Wanda the Narc or Duncan who doesn’t stand for anything, ever.  Fortunately she has a flashback in which she remembers Duncan letting a nerd sit at their table and she is able to make the right decision.  When she tells Wanda she didn’t vote for her because Wanda tried to sell her out, Wanda explains that it’s because she needed to become a narc to keep a drug arrest from last year off her record.  Eh. Veronica’s on the same page as Weevil, you don’t rat your friends.

Well, unless you think they might have been responsible for your best friend’s murder…because Veronica added a Duncan Kane folder to her database of murder suspects.

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I am dying over here, particularly at this, “Logan is angry that there are always paparazzi around his house and he has decided that his extracurricular activity is going to be Bum Fights.” I love how the memory of the bum fights keeps coming back to bite him in the ass (no bum pun intended) in later seasons.

Wanda stomping all over that pizza was pretty epic. One thing I didn’t understand about Pirate Points was how apparently none of the 09ers did extracurriculars besides sports–all the preppy kids at my school were also in band or model U.N. or debate. And we know that Duncan (and I think Logan also?) is in newspaper. Whatevs.

Of all the dumb clues Veronica discovers, the shoe one HAD to be one of the dumbest. In fact, much as I love Keith, if he missed that clue and the fact that Lilly got a speeding ticket the night she was murdered, he really WAS a bad sheriff.

I was going to comment about how Keith totally should not have missed the shoe but I was afraid I’ve been talking too much shit so I didn’t want to point it out. The traffic ticket is really the worst because it’s in the police records…it should have been the first thing that came up when they were doing the timeline! I guess the only thing Keith had over Sheriff Lamb was that he wasn’t corrupt.

I kind of didn’t understand why the 09ers care if other kids have pirate points. Just because someone else can order a pizza doesn’t mean you can’t. Elitism I guess.

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