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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars S. 1 Ep. 5

I like this episode because we learn what a loser Troy-Tron is and it sets up Veronica’s terrible taste in men from here on out.  I don’t like this episode because there’s not enough Weevil.  But let’s get to the recap.

The episode starts with Troy-Tron, Logan Echols and some kid whose name I don’t know but who is another Rich-bot (or 09er in VM speak) in Tijuana where the Rich-bot was buying some sort of random pinata.  They stopped for something to eat and when they come out, Troy-tron’s car has been stolen.  Ever-reliable Veronica goes down to pick up the three guys and agrees to try to find Troy-tron’s car.  I’m sure Troy is part Transformer, I don’t know why he doesn’t just transform into a car so his dad never finds out it got stolen.  His personality would probably stay the same.

But since Veronica apparently thinks he has actual depth (nope.) she doesn’t want him shipped off to boarding school.  She uses a super fake looking website to track VIN numbers and driving records and the like.  Seriously though, this spy website, if I went to it and it asked me for my credit card number I would click outta there so fast. But, I’m sure she’s done her research, Veronica never makes poor choices! (hahaha it’s foreshadowing!)

Turns out Rich-bot needs Veronica’s help too because that pinata was full of steroids and some scary steroid dude is going to cause the Rich-bot bodily harm if he doesn’t bring him

the steroids.  Veronica is so moral that she says she won’t help find the drugs….if he is just going to give him to the ‘roid rage guy.  Veronica tells Rich-bot that she’ll get the steroids if Rich-bot goes to Mexico to get his money back (I don’t know a whole lot about slingin’ ‘roids, but I am pretty sure that never happens) and then he can give the money to Roid Rage.

Meanwhile, back at the Mars Homestead, Papa Mars is getting more serious with Veronica’s guidance counselor.  So serious that he is putting all of Mama Mars’ stuff in storage.  We’re starting to learn that apparently Mama Mars didn’t want to stand by while Papa was shamed out of his position as sheriff.  Eh, sounds like they’re better off without her in that case.  Veronica also finds a key to a safe deposit box and when she goes to open it she finds a bunch of pictures of herself (with long hair, which signifies that it was BLKM (Before Lily Kane’s Murder)) and there are gun sights over her face.  Don’t worry Veronica, the gun sights didn’t have anything to do with violence at all! Current events reference, anyone?  So that makes Veronica wonder if her mom had to leave town because she was afraid that Veronica would get hurt otherwise.

On the case, Veronica was pretty stalled on finding info out about Troy-tron’s car, so she had to call in my man Weevil for reinforcements.  Of course Weevil’s uncle runs a chop shop.  And, of course Troy-tron’s car has been chopped.  Guess Troy is off to boarding school.  The uncle said that one of the chop shop guys took the steroid pinata home for his daughter’s birthday, but when Weevil and Veronica get there (on Weevil’s motorcycle <3 <3) there’s just candy in the pinata.  Veronica lets Rich-bot know that the pinata doesn’t have steroids and Rich-bot pitches a spoiled little fit.  Whatevs, go ask your daddy for steroid money.  Turns out his real name

Francis Capra Headshot in black tank top
Mmm I wanna shoop

is Luke, but it’s too late in the game for me to change it up.

Veronica’s flashbacks this episode have to do with her mom.  In one, she tells her mom that she was dating Duncan Kane and her mom looks horrified.  Later, Veronica remembers that three days before her mom disappeared she tried to take Veronica away to Palm Springs on a whim, which Veronica thought was just the vodka talking.  I missed the hints the first time around, so was surprised to learn later that Mama Mars is an alcoholic.  Veronica decides to mail untraceable cell phones to all of her mom’s close friends, which is kind of sad. And expensive-sounding.

Apparently this case is too big for Veronica and she asks her dad to help her track down I guess what’s left of Troy-tron’s car.  Actually, she tells him to do the “voodoo that you do so well” +1 for a Shoop reference, even if it’s a little creepy.  Even while dad is helping her out, Veronica apparently isn’t as ok with her dad dating her guidance counselor and she is pretty angry that her dad hasn’t tried to find her mom.  Papa Mars admits that he doesn’t really want to find her mom.  This is an interesting breakdown because up until this point they have seemed kind of functionally dysfunctional.  Like the Gilmore Girls.  But now we’re learning that even before her mom left there were a lot of problems at home, and both Keith and Veronica are trying to put on happy faces for each other and not being completely honest.  This is actually one of only a few breakdown moments in this show, but they do a good job of letting us know that the two of them aren’t a merry crime-fighting duo.  Veronica wins this round though, because Keith breaks up with the guidance counselor.

So, back on the case, Veronica and Troy-tron track down the car using the OnStar-style tracking device that Keith was able to get turned on.  Sorry, Troy-tron, the tracker was attached to a dog’s collar!  My idea of turning into a Transformer probably sounds really good about now.  Also, Keith has put together a folder of info on Troy-tron and Veronica learns that he was kicked out of two schools for drug possession.  Veronica really, really hates drugs it looks like.  She confronts Troy-tron and he feels all violated and does the robot down the hallway.  No, he just stomped off.  In other automaton news, Rich-bot sold some stuff and got together the money to give to Veronica to give to Roid Rage.  Veronica’s really big into vengeance though, so she also snapped Roid Rage’s picture and faxed it to the border police and we see him get stopped on his way to buy or sell steroids.

We also see Troy-Tron’s dad putting him in a cab to go to boarding school.  We start to feel all sad for him, it wasn’t his fault his car got stolen on some sketchy trip to Tijuana!  But what’s this? The cab drops him off at the restaurant his friends were at, he gets a package out of the ceiling vent and then drives away in his dad’s not-stolen car!  He wasn’t reformed at all!  He also calls his side-piece who says that Veronica had called her and she had admitted that Troy-Tron was on his way to see her.  Troy panics and opens up the bag of drugs, which actually contains candy and a note from Veronica saying she flushed the steroids.  I am half surprised she didn’t turn him over to the border police too, but I guess she also has a heart.

The episode ends with Veronica’s mom leaving a message on Veronica’s phone using one of the phones Veronica sent, and saying she doesn’t want to see Veronica and that it will all “be revealed when the time is right.”  In VM-speak that pretty much means when Veronica figures it out with her own sleuthing, but that’s what makes this show so addictive!

See you all next week!

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