Learning by Looking: Infographics to increase your chances on Jeopardy

Luci posted the Alex Trebek special for the daily goodie this morning because she knows it’s my secret life wish to be a Jeopardy champion.  Also, I had a dream recently where I was playing Jeopardy against other ladybloggers while naked.   I was naked, everyone else, including Trebek, was clothed.

Anyway, part of my training for eventual Jeopardy success involves spending lots of time looking at infographics.  Okay, I also really like infographics, so the Jeopardy thing could just be an excuse.  Never mind the reasons, let’s just get to the pretty.

To get us warmed up, here’s Hans Rosling getting all sorts of excited about data as he talks about the good news from the previous decade in a TED talk.

This pretty pinwheel of petals, The Conversation Prism breaks social media into tiny chunks which online entrepreneurs are supposed to pay attention to.  I’m kind of pleased with how much of this we cover here, and we’re not really trying that hard.

I have a soft spot for graphic designers, and this made me laugh.  How Would you Like Your Graphic Design?

How Do Couples Divide Their Money from

China’s answer to Google,, has created a map of Shanghai (apparently highly accurate) in interactive 2D as their alternative to Google Maps.  How lovely is this?

And last but certainly not least, xkcd’s most recent infographic map of online communities.   You can think of Persephone as a grain of salt in the ocean somewhere between the blogs and forums.  But give us time.

Illustration of influence of online communities, shown as a world map

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OK, so I am really, really, really lame and I lurk on the message boards on the Jeopardy website because there are a number of things about it that really fascinate me. I have been thinking of writing a post about it, but I am afraid to come out as so epically lame. Anyway, they were posting about it on the message board and apparently that’s where they met and the Times writer just assumed or got confused that it’s some super secret site. But it’s not, just a message board. They discuss the games and they do their own little trivia competitions, but it’s not really a training site. They maintain that posting on the board gives one an edge, but I would take that with a grain of salt because you will never find a group of cockier, more pedantic individuals.

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