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Lunchtime Poll 1/12

How is everyone faring on this snowy Wednesday lunch?  Did you know that yesterday there was snow in 49 states?!  The only state that didn’t have snow was Florida.  And that brings us to the lunchtime poll.  What is your favorite snow-related memory?  For me it’s the winter that I was in 5th grade.   We had an abnormally snowy winter and were off every other day from school for almost two weeks.  My sister, neighbor and I spent the days sledding and building snow forts.  I would come inside and hang my wet clothes to dry by a fire and watch movies.  I remember thinking even then that it was a perfect winter that I may never experience again.  So – how about you all?  Any fun snow memories?

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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So, this past weekend, I had a wedding. (We ran off to City Hall one day in November on our lunch break to make it officially official, which is why I say “had a wedding” instead of “got married.” But that’s a subject for another post on another day.) Anyway, as we were getting ready for photos on the steps of the art gallery, a light, fluffy snow was falling. Canoodling up against a pillar, snowflakes stuck in our hair and on our eyelashes. GUYS, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE PHOTOS. We were all (The Mister, me, our wedding party, our families) freezing and our feet were numb, and at one point my mother in law made me take off my jacket for photos, and it was insane. But it was so much fun, and the photo album is going to be gorgeous. I can hardly wait.

Other than that, I have very fond memories of snow days. Waiting in your pyjamas by the radio, waiting for your school district to be called. The little Snow Day Dance. (I totally had a snow day dance.) Getting to take a nap. Hot chocolate, snow men, digging a big hole in the pile that the plow made and crawling in. Curling up next to the heater to warm up when you come in. I am so jealous of the people with snow days today. We only got about three inches, which is nothing around these parts.

I grew up in Boston, where it snows so often that our tolerance is warpedly high. In 6th grade, I had a “Math League” meeting scheduled at 7:30, before classes, so I bundled up and trundled over (I lived a 5 minute walk). When I got there, the doors were locked. I walked around the entire school trying doors before walking home, defeated. When I walked in the door, my mom informed me she’d just heard on the radio that my school had a snow day.

We also had a snow day on April Fools Day when I was in 4th grade, and I was honestly bummed because I really wanted to see if our teacher would play any pranks or write a funny schedule on the board. Still bitter about that one.

All the good memories blur together, but the inconsistency of snow day policy will never fade.

It’s a vague memory, but mostly supported by home movies. There is footage of almost two year old me in the small town of Pottsville, PA after I immigrated with my mother. My father had arrived a year earlier in 1965, during the great influx of foreigners and foreign brain power, and worked at a hospital in this coal mining town. There were a few other Taiwanese families, all friends and colleagues from the same medical school (the top one, the only good one in those days), so we had a little colony of ex pats.

Anyhooo I remember my mom coaching me in Taiwanese to pick up the snowball and toss it toward my dad who was filming. The footage shows a tiny me bundled like Mrs. Claus in red coat and hat with white trim and “hurling” that snow ball all of three inches in front of me. In my mind I had pitched like Cy Young. My parents didn’t know about building snowmen so we just walked around in the snow.

My dad and I (by which I mean mostly my dad) built a little igloo in our front yard one year. We actually got it hollowed out enough to crawl partway inside! There are also pictures of me with spray bottles filled with colored water spraying designs on the snow when I was four or five; I don’t remember it but it looks like I’m having a ball.

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