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Lunchtime Poll 1/13

Rumor has it that there is snow this week in 49 of the 50 states (ha ha Florida, you don’t get any). So my question is this…

What kind of snowfall do you need in your area to count on a snow day or a delay? ‘Round these parts, 3″-4″ inches seems to set the panties into a wad. It makes me crazy, but it’s true. When do school kids start dancing in the streets in your neighborhood??

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Here in Colorado I don’t think we’ve had any school closures yet. And we’ve had a couple bad storms, at least 6 – 8 inches on the last one. When I lived in Northern Virginia, we once had an entire week off of school for snow. It was awesome!! I was in 10th grade and it was like spring break came early.

Any. As soon as the roads get icy school closes. We have so few plows and spreaders in our county that the major roads get taken care of, eventually, but the busses aren’t safe in the neighborhoods. Having grown up in the great white north, I laugh a little every time.

Unless it starts falling at around 4 or 5am (leaving no time for the plows to clean everything up before the buses head out), we generally need about ten inches to a foot for stuff to start really shutting down. That early morning stuff can close schools but not much else if it’s in the vicinity of 6-8, but that’s usually if it was a surprise or unexpected amount of heavy stuff.

Three? Ha. We laugh in the face of three inches. But then again, we have the plows and salt trucks and such and are prepared for it.

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