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Lunchtime Poll – 1/19

Afternoon, everyone!  I am cranky today.  It is like 3 degrees outside, it’s dirty and cloudy and there has been a Mack truck revving its engine outside my window for the last 20 minutes and I’m about to go outside and punch the driver.  And that’s why today’s Lunchtime Poll is Anywhere But Here.  Where would you like to be right now, readers?  Does it tend towards the more mundane, like back in your bed? Is it somewhere exotic like Bali?  Is it somewhere specific, or just general?

My answer is: Somewhere tropical that has a nice beach.  Hawaii maybe, but not somewhere with a lot of tourists.  Preferably somewhere that has limited cars and that’s too small for trucks to drive by. And ideally with some sort of umbrella drink in my hand, but I’m not picky.

How about you?

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I’d like to be in Venezia (Venice) the best adult playground there is. Yes, I’ll be a tourist doing all the touristy things. I was there for a couple days and only saw a small percentage of its lovely offerings. Just walking over the canals on those curved bridges is a delight.

I’m sad to see how touristy Maui has gotten. I’ve passed a few Xmas/New Year’s vacations with my in-laws and the western and southern sides are so developped. It’s sad. I like to remember sitting on a clif fabove a lagoon in Kapalua (ick ritzy touristy country, but we were staying with my SIL) watching the honu (Hawaiian for green sea turtles) diving in and out of the surf having breakfast.

I’d love to be lounging in my bed with a very cute, funny, intelligent fella (both of us nekkid of course). The day would consist of nothing but reading comics to each other, sex, take-in food, more sex, maybe a shower, more sex, and a few episodes of Dr. Who (if we could fit that in).

Is that really too much to ask?

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