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Lunchtime Poll 1/25

Today’s poll is about clothing items you can’t quit. I’m not talking about the things that sit in your closet that you can’t bring yourself to throw or give away. I’m talking about the things you wear regularly despite the fact that you know they look terrible.

I have this horrible pair of clog-like shoes that I wear all the time. Not just on frumpy weekend-days. I wear them to bars. I wear them to work. I don’t want to bash the company who made them, so I won’t call them by name, but they look a lot like Liz Lemon’s bi-curious shoes from 30 Rock Season 1. They make me look like I have clown feet, but they’re just so damn comfortable.

OK. Your turn.

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I have some t-shirts from college that are barely holding it together that I can’t part with. I had a pink sweater in college that I wore the crap out of, even though it was unraveling, had big holes and coffee stains and made me look thirty pounds heavier than I was. It disappeared after I got married in suspicious circumstances. I still miss it.

My skinny jeans. You can wrestle them from my cold, dead hands. It makes me weep bitter tears to see skinny jeans beings phased out of stores and bellbottoms being phased in. Also, I will never throw away my ratty, stained peace sign teeshirt. It’s been hacked into a belly shirt over the years, but it’s still my favorite piece of comfy clothing -even if it is mildly disgusting.

My Doc Martens and my Birkenstocks. I don’t care what the fashionistas say, I will never give up either one.

I also have several ‘old man’ cardigans that I bought at resale shops or yard sales. One of them actually has suede patches on the elbows. Those too will not leave my wardrobe until the fall apart or I kick the bucket, whichever comes first.

That would be my crappy green sweater. It used to be a normal sage green cardigan, but after ten years of washing, hanging on a hook and being tied around my waist it is comfortably shapeless. It also has purple patch pockets sewn on to the front because I got tired of not having anywhere to put stuff. And the cuffs are oddly multicolored because I used to wear it when I was painting and I would use them to tweak a line or pick up a drip. And the sleeves now have yellow crocheted edgings because they had started to fray and I didn’t want to lose them.
It’s Frankensweater.

I have two velour pants-and-hoodie sets that I will never give up on. The hoodies are really dorky looking – they zip and have collars, and the pants have always been kind of big on me and have way too long drawstrings. But they are super-comfy and great to wear over my workout clothes to the gym. Or grocery shopping.

I don’t have this in my closet anymore, but my freshman year of college I came across this royal blue, velour, button down, collared tunic, and I proceeded to wear it all the time, with jeans, tights, leggings, whatever. It was weird and potentially unflattering, but for some reason I adored it.

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