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Lunchtime Poll: 1/27

Today’s question is easy to answer, feel free to defend or expound if you wish…..Here we go: Mac or PC? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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I want to preface with: if my husband and I have any one vice, it would be the near-pathological accruing of technology.

I have moved fully over to the Mac (in a crazy way — see 2nd paragraph, I may have a problem). The husband is still firmly rooted in Windows machines.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t “get” the whole Mac thing… then I bought a shuffle, then a nano, then a mac mini, then an iMac, then a Touch, then a newer mac mini, and just on Monday and newer nano. It is crazy how they suck you in, in such a way that you don’t see it happening until it’s too late!

However, I was just able to (like, today) sell the previous Mac mini for 3/4 of what I paid for it in 2008, they really do keep their value. And I sold the older nano to a friend a couple months ago… so obvs that one had “friend pricing”, I could have got more from a stranger. :)

Last thing: I want to mention what really drew me over to the Mac in the end (aside from the aesthetics, user experience, and build quality). Noise. Or lack of it. Macs just run so. much. quieter. than other computers. Fan noise has always been something that I’m very sensitive about (read: it bugs the crap out of me), so I love how unobtrusive Mac computers are.

Forgot the 1-Terabyte Time Capsule… it was between the iMac and the Touch. Backing up is your friend — made extra convenient by Time Machine!

My work computer is a Macbook Pro, so having the same platform at home and at work also makes things easier. And my work bonus last year was an iPad — which my Mac-hater husband absconds with daily. I didn’t include those in the list o’ insanity because I didn’t purchase them.

I always hated the fanatic allegiance of the stereotypical Mac user, and I fought hard being a Mac convert, and then I lost. When all is said and done, Windows machines are great too… it’s whatever works best for you.

Mac convert. In college, I actually dropped a graphic design class because it was on macs and I just couldn’t figure out those stupid things. A couple years later, after my then-boyfriend gave me one of his old macs, I’ve become a complete mac convert. Friends joke that my now-husband and I should be spokespeople for Apple: we’ve got two macbooks, 5 various iPods, 2 iPhones, iPod HiFi, Airport Express and now the AppleTV. He’s also got a work iPad (I’m holding out for the second version).
Bragging time: My husband has had informal meetings with 2 of his three Apple idols (Steve Wozniak and Jonathon Ive). The highlight of his life would be to have a sit down with Jobs. We each have one of The Woz’s business cards. [/geek girl]

He was incredibly cool! He was coming to our town to speak and the hubs found him on Facebook and asked if he could meet him for coffee or something (he’s really good about doing things like that that I would never think to do). It was really him and he said yes and we ended up having coffee and chatting with him for over an hour at his hotel.

Everyone in my family has a Mac. We used to all have PCs, but when I was in 8th or 9th grade, my dad was so sick of having to repair, debug, or rebuild all these computers. We slowly made the switch to Apple and have had barely any problems at all. I’ve had my Macbook for around 5-6 years now, and I’ve only had to bring it in to be fixed maybe 2 or 3 times.

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