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Lunchtime Poll 1/3

ICONLunchtimePollYou’re halfway through the first work day of the New Year.  It’s officially the end of the Holiday season, which can be a relief or a disappointment or both!  Today’s Lunchtime Poll is the obligatory New Year’s Resolution question.  Did you do it?  Was your resolution one of the Big Three (according to of Quit Smoking, Lose Weight or Save Money?  Was it something else.  Why (or why not) did you decide to make a resolution this year.  And most importantly, how much does it totally suck to go to the gym in January when it’s all crowded with resolvers.  Tell us about your resolution(s) in the comments!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I may be in the minority, from what my in-person friends have said and my online friends have written, but I really love making resolutions. I’ve resolved to floss my teeth more, read for pleasure more, continue working out on a regular basis, and save money. Like Lawyermama, I try to keep my resolutions not too specific so I can adapt them to whatever my circumstances are – I didn’t want to resolve to read a certain number of books for fun because that wouldn’t feel very fun and I’d be disappointed if I failed, but I’m just making a conscious effort to read for pleasure more frequently than I have been.

I don’t do resolutions, they rarely last longer than a month.  I have a superstition that the way you spend New Year’s Day is an omen for the coming year, so this year I cleaned up the house before doing fun stuff because I’m tired of things being messy.

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