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Lunchtime Poll: 1/6

Good afternoon readers! We are finally sliding into the fun part of the week, when dreams of Saturday, sleeping in and eating cereal in front of the TV in your pajamas help you push through the last quarter of the week or so.  For today’s lunchtime poll, we want to know if you’ve ever cheated at a game (solitaire doesn’t count.)  Cheating at Chutes and Ladders to let your kid win doesn’t count either.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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For some reason I just remembered this story the other day.  I was at my dad’s company picnic and they had a little contest for the kids.  The contest was to see who could use one of those paddleball things with the ball attached my elastic to a paddle for the longest.  My ball totally kept falling off the paddle, but not when the woman judging the contest was looking at me so I would just keep doing it.  So I won the contest.  This other kid who saw me was sooo upset, and I can still see the accusation in his eyes. 

In case you are wondering, I won one of those foam dart guns, which I had visions of using to turn out my bedroom light while laying bed but it didn’t have the power or dexterity.

My whole family infamously cheats at Monopoly. This usually involves hiding $500 bills to trick other players into making favorable deals with you because you look so poor and helpless. Then BAM! Hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place.

My most recent cheating happened on New Year’s Eve at a game of really obnoxious “Christmas Bingo,” where instead of numbers the cards feature pictures of crap like stockings or carolers. I had two pictures of the same wreath on my card (the actual BINGO letters were not used) and I moved a token to the other wreath picture when that position became more favorable.

I’ve also been known to “talk across the table” in card games. And use video game cheats for Oblivion (what?! that trolls-in-the-painting part was really, really hard!)

My former work-husband and I play euchre online together at lunchtime. We play against the bots, so we table-talk all the time to counter their inherent cheatery (to the point of telling each other exactly what’s in our hands on occasion!). The games aren’t rated or anything so we feel completely justified.
Other than that I was going to say no, but @Spicey Armadillo accidentally reminded me that walk-throughs for video games count (I would never had finished The Neverhood or Zork: Nemesis — to name just a couple — without them). *shakes fist equally at games and spicy!

In 7th grade I cheated on a biology test, just to see what it was like.  After I had written the answers on my hand I knew them well enough that I didn’t need to use them on the test, but it was still an interesting experience.
I also have used walkthroughs on video games when I am truly stumped. 

I use cheats with video games all the time.  Walkthroughs, cheat codes, these allow me to actually enjoy the experience instead of giving up in frustration.
When we played Life (the board game) I made a little barrier at the end of where you would get kids and make everyone go through it a few times, so that you’d end up with carloads of kids.  This isn’t exactly cheating, because everyone playing did it, but it was against the rules.

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